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Sometimes, the Best SEO Strategy is to Avoid Mistakes


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What is SEO burnout? Well, it can feel a lot like an uphill battle that you just aren’t able to get to the top of. Anyone with a website and a decent grasp on what they’re doing with it has been there before.

Despite your best efforts, you don’t seem to be getting any closer to that website ranking summit. You’re bored, annoyed, and about ready to resort to cheap SEO tricks, like buying links and hoping for the best.

Just for a moment, forget about the tactics and hear us out. Your tactics mean nothing if you’re making rookie SEO mistakes that are hindering your hard work. If your SEO strategy is going to stink, at least make sure it’s not because you’re making one of these blunders.

You’re Ignoring Long-Tail Keywords

Longtail Keywords Statistic

You need to make sure you’re optimizing for the right keywords, or you could be missing out on a huge gain in website traffic. Some of those should be long-tail keywords. Don’t let the phrase mislead you. Long-tail doesn’t mean you’re taking the long way around a better SEO ranking. They’re just longer, ultra-specific keyword phrases.

We could optimize for the keyword phrase “SEO agency,” but it would be much more worthwhile to optimize for something like “SEO agency in Connecticut.” A specific, less-competitive phrase like that is more likely to convert, which is really what you’re aiming for. Since over 70% of all search traffic comes from long-tail keywords, these are your keys to conversions.

You’re Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing Meme

What do you mean my site isn’t ranking well for “SEO agency?” I used that phrase 26 times – just on the homepage alone!

It’s one of the most common and annoying SEO mistakes out there. You really want your site to rank for this keyword, so you need to incorporate it in your website copy? Easy! You’ll just cram that in every inch of text space you possibly can!

Wrong. So incredibly wrong. You won’t win any recognition for trying too hard. You will, however, conjure up the wrath of Google Penguin.

Save the stuffing for the dinner table. When you tastefully sprinkle keywords throughout your website copy, search engines won’t rush to hide your site under napkins – err, search result pages – like bad broccoli.

Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Aren’t Unique

Unique Title & Description Tags

So your site has a ton of pages, and you just went and duplicated all the title tags and meta descriptions. You gave yourself a pat on the back, truly believing you saved yourself so much time. Technically you did, but mostly you overlooked an easy and important on-page SEO opportunity.

Page titles are important. If they aren’t optimized, then search engine crawlers can’t index your pages correctly, and searchers don’t know if your content is relevant to them. And as for those meta descriptions…why wouldn’t you enhance them?! That’s your 160 character sales pitch to get searchers to choose you. If you want your sales pitch to show that you’re a lazy SEO specialist, then by all means, leave your meta descriptions the way they are.

You Think Link Quantity is Better Than Link Quality

Link Quality vs. Quantity

Quantity versus quality. We all come to this crossroad at some point in our lives. Do you stock up on the $2 T-shirts that will start to unravel within a year? Or do you spring for the higher-quality ones that take a bit more of an investment, even though it means you won’t have as many?

You know, because links are like the t-shirts of the Internet. The honest answer is, you don’t need one in every color. You just need the ones that provide the best value. Don’t let your SEO strategy shrink because you collected a bunch of spammy links that don’t match the top-notch style of your site.

Your “Tactics” Are Really Black Hat SEO Tricks

Bad Black Hat SEO

You had a ton of tricks up your sleeve. You were starting to feel like the Houdini of modern search engine optimization. As it turns out, you were really the one Who-Did-Not do their research, and instead took a turn down black hat alley. Black hat SEO sounds fancy in the same way that costume jewelry seems nice from a distance. When you look a little closer you see just how tacky they both really are.

There are too many “quick fix” SEO articles and agencies that claim their help will get you a #1 ranking. That’s your first red flag. Of course you’d love a top ranking right away, who wouldn’t? But that golden rule applies: if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it is. Getting a good SEO ranking takes time. No one can guarantee results, let alone quick and easy results. White hat SEO is the way to go, just be patient and keep at it.

First, confirm that you aren’t taking part in these SEO mistakes or fix the ones that you’re guilty of. Then you can get back to trying out your best search engine optimization tactics. We’re talking things like quality link building and valuable content creation. Get to work and climb that search results page!

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