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PPC Management

Advanced, strategic paid search marketing with real, measurable results.

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Over 50% of PPC ad spend fails to produce a single conversion.

Pay-Per-Click Management That Works

Unlike 90% of other agencies, we optimize our clients' PPC campaigns on a daily basis. Our PPC Managers are dedicated, passionate individuals with years of experience specializing in Pay-Per-Click management. We measure on results and understand that you do too. We've proven to deliver on our clients' goals and improve on the results every year.


Spend Less. Outperform Your Competition.

You make more money when the experience is as targeted as possible. We cut wasted spend and put your marketing dollars where they'll be most effective. Here's just a couple methods how:

  • Adjusting Bids By Hour of Day / Day of Week
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Scripts & Automated Alerts
  • Ad Extensions
  • Writing Compelling Ad Copy
  • Mobile Specific Ads & Extensions
  • Negative Keywords
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Our Clients

Through the management of millions of dollars of ad spend for our clients, we've found that PPC is most successful for companies with a budget of at least $2,500/month. Below that, it's often hard to win in today's competitive PPC market.


It's your money and your campaigns we're managing. At Digital Position, we believe you have the right to know what we're doing with it. Because we do great work, we have nothing to hide!

Not only do we give our clients' PPC accounts daily attention, we also send weekly/monthly reports on how your campaigns are progressing and the actions we've taken to push your results forward. This keeps you in the loop and us accountable. We want you to feel like you have an in-house team, but for a lower cost.

With Digital Position, you'll never have to wonder about your PPC campaigns again.

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