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Tile Club x Digital Position Case Study // October 2022

The Journey

Tile Club was a relatively new business with aggressive growth goals. They began their story with Digital Position in July of 2020 with only PPC. After recognizing quick results, they soon brought on SEO in October 2020. Our team had a clear strategy, and behind a hungry team from Tile Club, the sky was the limit to grow this new tile business.

It didn’t take long in 2021 to see some incredible results on both sides of the business which refused to stop quarter after quarter.

PPC found instant success showcasing Tile Club’s unique tile products with Google Shopping, which led to growth in every other channel.

On the SEO side, we identified a clear opportunity in their content creation to blow up their keyword visibility not only throughout their collection and product pages, but their blog. There’s a near infinite amount of different types and style of tile that everyone is searching for, and with a combination between their content team and ours, we were able to captivate those audiences in no time.

By the end of 2021, the website was a masterclass of content not only discussing their products, but how they could be used in any scenario to compliment every customer’s preference. They didn’t just have the ability to sell tile, but they could properly direct and inform customers in every facet of the business to continue to drive their amazing YoY growth.

The Results

The results were some of the best we’ve ever seen. Within months, we had doubled, tripled, and quadrupled their monthly sales and it hasn’t stopped yet.

We started with PPC, which quickly grew the legs needed to support more and more growth and propelled a company with little to no digital marketing whatsoever to a top player in the online tile industry.

Not only that, once we started with our SEO strategy, we saw massive growth in keyword rankings, keyword visibility, and overall SEO revenue which only exploded even further in 2021.

Both PPC and SEO growth have sustained and grown even further in 2022 as we refine our strategies and focus on the next steps. With a unified digital marketing strategy between organic and paid, and amazing support from their team, we were able to help a company doing less than $100K/sales per month grow many times that in less than a year!


Increase in overall sales


Position for "kitchen tiles"


Increase in SEO revenue


Increase in PPC revenue

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