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Tim Pelletier

Tim Pelletier

Director of Operations
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Tim Pelletier is the Director of SEO at Digital Position and has been working in organic search since 2008. Throughout his career he has successfully managed hundreds of accounts spanning a variety of industries. Examples include the largest automotive dealer group in the United States, the largest auto dealership in the world and a running shoe franchise with 160+ stores. Tim has always been on the forefront of SEO and an early adopter of new strategies. With click through rate (CTR) being one of his favorite areas of focus, he has helped many businesses get more out of their page one rankings through compelling messaging and rich snippet markup.

When he is away from his computer, Tim is an ardent outdoorsman. He spends much of his time skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, hiking, rock climbing and trail building.

If you have a question about your SEO strategy or would like advice on the type of axe you should be using for your next woodworking project, Tim is your guy to reach out to!

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