Carpe Lotion x Digital Position Case Study // August 2020

The Journey

Carpe Lotion joined the Digital Position family in 2017 with a strong base in retail, but their digital marketing efforts were weak. There was excess spend being completely wasted, money left on the table, poor account structures, and poor SEO. The main objective of Carpe Lotion was to beat out their #1 competitor who at the time had over double the traffic & sales than Carpe.

We jumped into the fold to overhaul their search marketing strategy. First, on the paid side we completely restructured the account. Branded CPC’s had begun to jump up as competitors aggressively tried to steer customers away from Carpe. We implemented Branded CPC limits to avoid unnecessarily large CPC’s from single instances where competitors were bidding astronomically high. We tested a variety of new bid strategies and optimized ads with office trademark language and extensions to dominate the space whenever anyone searched for Carpe.

On the SEO side, we optimized their “sweatopedia” educational content for SEO, avoided YMYL algorithmic devaluations by properly sourcing medical claims, added author bios, optimized landing pages with proper SEO targeting, and split their shopping experience to better target certain areas of the body that experience excessive sweating.

The Results

We were able to cut Branded CPC’s 61% while capturing 42% more clicks, saving the client an estimated $33,000 (and counting)! This illustrated to us that Google’s algorithms, while advanced, might not always be operating in the best interest of your business. This is why having an agency that understands the right levers to pull is so crucial.

On the PPC side, we experienced explosive growth as we drove an increase of over 1,000% in revenue while maintaining the same ROAS!

On the SEO side, Carpe now has more organic traffic than their #1 competitor for the first time ever and have experienced over 110% growth in organic revenue.


Decrease in Branded CPC's


Money saved for client


Growth in SEO traffic


Growth in PPC revenue