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You say potato, we say structured data markup.

Technical SEO is an incredibly broad topic that gets tossed around willy-nilly, but without it, websites can’t be crawled or understood by search engines. Without a strong technical foundation, your website will be slow, confusing, and most likely forgotten. Let’s not let that happen.

Success Story

Alan helped 3x Marathon Sports organic traffic in just 1 year! 🏃‍♂️

Alan Lucy

"Marathon Sports put their trust in us to help grow their traffic and revenue in October 2022."

  • First, we fixed major technical issues.
  • Then we created/optimized metadata and content across category and product pages for purchase-intent keywords.
  • We perfected the site's internal linking structure.
  • We built out buyer's guides for "best" keywords that round up the top products across different categories.
  • We worked with New Media Campaigns to successfully migrate from a flat Shopify site structure to a slicker subfolder structure in WordPress.
  • We condensed unique URLs for product variants into single URLs for each product during the migration mentioned above.
Organic Sessions
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Non-Branded Clicks from Google
465%Up Arrow
Top 3 Non-Branded Keyword Rankings
517%Up Arrow

Algorithms change, but our hustle is forever.

Simply put, technical SEO is, well, technical. Agencies are effective because it’s almost always ideal to have more eyes and collective experience on an account. It takes more time and effort for you to try to manage it in-house than having a technical SEO agency who focuses on your SEO efforts exclusively. Our SEO team is top-ranking, and we’ll give you peace of mind knowing that through us you’re driving as much traffic to your business as possible.

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Leah Harper

Senior SEO Account Lead

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Alan Lucy

Senior SEO Account Lead

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Adam King

Senior SEO Specialist

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Tyler Ziton

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Daniel Lagan

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Joel Beger


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Tyler Higginbotham

SEO Account Lead

What makes our technical SEO services stand out among the rest?


Tailored strategy, every time.

Our bottom line is always the same: revenue. We’ll look at your website and assets, test, and optimize until we find your winning formula. From the start, we will audit your site and come up with a 3 to 6 month strategy where we prioritize each project based on what will be the most impactful. We also consider which projects make sense for us or you to execute based on our combined resources and whatever is the most profitable for your business.


We’ve likely helped a business like yours already.

We adjust for every update and every algorithm change the week it emerges. We’ve helped clients recover from devastating penalties, get through difficult website migrations, and over stagnant growth. (maybe add 1 more or replace with a stronger example). We might need a blurb on types of industries.


We see the forest.

As simply as we can put it, we don’t waste time on metrics that aren’t meaningful to your business. Whatever aspects we focus on, the end goal is always to increase revenue and move your business forward. And if you do PPC with us as well, we operate on MER models to ensure that your SEO efforts are working together seamlessly with your paid search and paid social.


Our contracts are month-to-month.

Every month, we aim to prove ourselves to our clients, again and again. We believe that a quality service, which drives real value, should not need to lock anyone in long-term. The freedom is yours to leave, but we're dedicated to making sure you'll never want to.


We prioritize our client's growth.

You are missing that key piece of the puzzle—the one that will take your business to the next level. You've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. You're frustrated, and you're not sure what to do next. We get it. We've been there. We've helped hundreds of businesses just like yours and we know what works and what doesn't. We're here to help you succeed.

Jason Jabaut from Fleet Feet

"Digital Position is an excellent extention of our team. We have worked with them for about a year to scale our business at a profitable level, and have accomplished that time and time again. Unlike many partners, they are always proactive to meet our needs and address any concerns. I highly recommend the Digital Position team!"

Jason Jabaut

Chief Operating Officer at Fleet Feet

Mike Shelley from Sgt Knots

"I connected with Digital Position and I wasn't sure exactly what I needed. They saw the opportunity to take our direct-to-consumer website and really just blow it up - it's something that I didn't realize the potential for myself. They went above and beyond to make sure the website, user experience, SEO, and PPC was in top-top shape. They've just done a phenomenal job for us."

Mike Shelley

Founder at Sgt Knots

We approach technical SEO from every angle.

Technical SEO is a pretty extensive topic, and you want an agency who deeply understands the ins and outs. Not only will we drastically improve and optimize all aspects of your technical SEO, but we’re happy to help you wrap your head around it too.
Note: You should use this as a checklist for your site and reach out to us if you can’t figure something out!


Sitemap optimization

  • Helps search engines crawl and index your website more easily.
  • A well-structured sitemap can also help to improve your search rankings.


Website architecture

  • Your website architecture should be clear and logical, making it easy for search engines and users to navigate.
  • A good website architecture can also help to improve your search rankings and conversion rates


Indexing issues

  • Indexing issues can prevent your pages from appearing in search results.
  • It is important to identify and fix any indexing issues as soon as possible.



  • Canonicalization tells search engines which version of a page is the authoritative one.
  • This is important to avoid duplicate content issues and ensure that your pages are ranked correctly.



  • Mobile-friendliness is a critical factor in Google's ranking algorithm.
  • A mobile-friendly website will provide a better user experience for visitors on mobile devices.


HTTPS security checks

  • HTTPS security checks are important for protecting your website and its visitors
  • Google also prefers HTTPS websites over HTTP websites.


URL structures

  • URL structures should be clear, concise, and descriptive.
  • This will help search engines to understand the content of your pages.


Duplicate content issues

  • Duplicate content issues can confuse search engines and harm your search rankings.
  • It is important to identify and fix any duplicate content issues on your website.


Broken pages/404 errors/301 redirects

  • Broken pages, 404 errors, and 301 redirects can frustrate users and harm your search rankings.
  • It is important to monitor your website for these issues and fix them promptly.


Page speed

  • Page speed is a critical factor in Google's ranking algorithm.
  • A fast-loading website will provide a better user experience and improve your search rankings.
  • Heavy importance with Google’s Core Web Vitals


Internal linking

  • Internal linking helps search engines to understand the structure of your website and the relationships between your pages.
  • A good internal linking structure can also help to improve your search rankings.


Structured data markup

  • Structured data markup helps search engines to better understand the content of your pages.
  • This can lead to richer search results and improved search rankings.


Hreflang optimization

  • Hreflang optimization tells search engines which language version of a page should be served to users in different countries.
  • This is important for websites that target multiple languages.


We didn't like the reporting options out there, so we built our own! DataPulse allows you to log in and follow along with your performance. Anything that we can see in your accounts? Yeah, you can see it too!

We're an open book, every step of the way.

Every Digital Position client gets full access to a managed DataPulse profile for their business.

  • Precise PPC & SEO Performance Tracking
  • Auto Updating Dashboards
  • Performance Forecasting with Current Month Projections
  • Account Performance Alerts
  • Campaign Optimization Scripts
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Year Over Year Performance Comparisons
  • Granular Data Filters


Technical SEO is about improving your website's setup to help search engines find and understand it better. This includes making your site faster, easier to navigate, and accessible for search engine bots, which can help you rank higher in search results.

Managing the backend of your website can be overwhelming and quite technical (pun intended). That's why hiring an agency like us can really help. It allows you to focus on your business while we ensure your site is SEO-friendly, and gets in front of the right audience.

We don't do the long-term contract thing, all of our contracts are month-to-month. We want you to stay for the incredible service, not because you have to.

You get monthly performance reports, monthly strategy calls, and a dedicated Slack channel for communication. Plus, you can view all your metrics in real-time through our proprietary software, DataPulse.

While both are important, technical SEO focuses on the foundation and backend of your website - think site speed, mobile-friendliness, and site maps. On-page SEO, on the other hand, concentrates on the content on your web pages. It's about ensuring your content is SEO-friendly and aligns with user and search engine expectations.

Since we work on a custom-tailored approach for each client's unique needs, our pricing varies. It all depends on your ad spend budget, services required, and individual business goals. Rest assured, our services are strongly competitive and designed to deliver the best return on your investment.

We focus on a range of elements in technical SEO including site speed, mobile optimization, XML sitemaps, robots.txt files, URL structure, site architecture, and more. Everything that makes your website more attractive to search engine bots, we've got it covered!

Absolutely! As a leading Technical SEO company, we handle all aspects of technical SEO. We make sure your website is fast, accessible, and easily understandable by search engine bots. Let us take care of the technical side, while you see your organic reach and business grow!

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

It's time for you to feel what a marketing agency with the right priorities can do for you. We're ready when you are. 🚀