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Our SEO consulting company tells you exactly what to do to help increase organic traffic.

Our SEO Consulting Process

Everything you do to your website can influence SEO. Our SEO consulting services look at all aspects of your website and online presence to teach you the best strategy for improving your visibility, from links to unique content to reputation to page speed and more.

Architecture & Internal Linking

We call our consultant SEO services the "we tell you exactly what you need to do" services. After working with our SEO consulting company to develop a strategy, you can use your own content writers, developers, and internal employees to execute the plan.

All of our clients start with our SEO consulting services. When a new client begins their partnership, the first thing we do is dive into research and audits. Then we move on to managing SEO tools, tracking and reporting results, and prioritizing projects. Last, we communicate all this to your team and develop a plan to update your website accordingly.

Our SEO consulting services aim to keep your project queue full of tasks that move the dial on performance. We'll work to your strengths or around your limitations to propose ideas and accomplish your SEO goals together.

The average client works with us for 3.5 years.

Delivering Results

Pool Supply Unlimited had previously used another SEO agency that really only did basic on-page optimizations. SEO traffic was just about flat, and they wanted to improve the organic visibility for their online store. We started by addressing many technical issues with the website and revamping their URL structure. Because a new platform was off the table, we worked within the parameters of the existing platform to completely maximize it’s effectiveness for SEO. Within just a few months, we saw significant improvements to organic traffic and revenue, and we even breached the top 10 for "pool supplies"!


Position for "pool supplies"


Increase in SEO traffic


Increase in SEO revenue

Pool Supply Unlimited
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We're an Open Book, Every Step of the Way

You see everything we see in real-time via our proprietary reporting platform, DataPulse. See organic traffic projections, keyword rankings, contact info for your SEO consultant, and more. We want you to experience, first-hand, how our SEO consulting services work to achieve your desired results over time.

Anytime, anywhere.

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What Makes Our Consultant SEO Agency Unique?

Why hire an SEO consulting company?

Many businesses today are looking to improve their online presence, and one of the best ways to do that is by optimizing their website for SEO. However, SEO can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor, so many businesses choose to hire an SEO consulting company. At Digital Position, we have a team of experienced consultant SEO professionals who are up-to-date on the latest trends and algorithm changes. They provide comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and other services that help improve your website visibility.

What do your SEO consulting services look like?

Every client starts with our basic SEO consulting services. From there, our consultant SEO packages are customizable to meet your needs. This approach enables us to continually research, track results and rankings, monitor your tools, communicate with search engines, proactively propose projects, answer your questions, oversee the execution of projects, and more! After you utilize our SEO consulting services, you can choose to execute our recommendations internally or hire us to do it for you (writing content, updating your website, etc.).

Am I locked into a specific package?

The only time you’d be locked into a specific package is if we're on a revenue share model. Otherwise, we keep our packages flexible so you can upgrade, downgrade, or change your plan as needed. For example, you may already have your own developers but want us to write your content. The package adjusts based on your needs, even if your needs change from time to time.

What do your agreements look like?

The average SEO client remains with Digital Position for 3.5 years (yup), so we're not worried about locking our clients into a long-term deal. Every client starts with a month-to-month agreement with a 30-day opt-out. We’ll dive into your consultant SEO needs right away and develop a plan tailored to your business strategy. You’ll always have the opportunity to stay with us because you want to, not because you have to. Come join our family, and you’ll see why people love working with our SEO consulting company!

How does your reporting work?

We didn't like any of the "stock" reporting solutions out there, so we built our own! We use a proprietary software called DataPulse, built from the ground up by our team. You can access your metrics in real-time before we hop on a monthly call to review and prioritize tasks together. Custom reporting options and a more frequent cadence of calls are absolutely an option.

More SEO Services for You

Our SEO consulting services are included in all of our optimization packages, enabling you to select the type of service most beneficial for your business. Ecommerce companies use our Shopify SEO services. Location-specific businesses benefit from our local SEO and franchise SEO strategies. And all companies see results with our technical SEO services that focus on end-back development to increase visibility and rankings. Regardless of which of our SEO services you choose, you’ll experience the benefits of expert SEO consulting.

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