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The percentage of product discoveries on

has just about quadrupled in the past year alone.

Source: TikTok Works: Ads on TikTok drive business impact


We'll hit ya with a few more...

TikTok is the fastest-growing channel for discovery—providing real-world commerce opportunities for direct-to-consumer brands.

TikTok’s ROAS average of $2.99 is two times higher than NCS norms.

More than 3,500 measured TikTok ads outperformed their own digital and TV norms by 15–20%.

Despite lower frequency, TikTok ads generated roughly the same amount of incremental dollars per 1,000 impressions (DPM) as TV ads, at nearly twice the ROAS.

Needless to say, TikTok has become a necessary part of digital marketing. But conveniently for you...

We can take care of that!

Delivering Results

UVSkinz came to Digital Position looking for a rescue in November 2019. Right before Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the PPC agency they were working with threatened to not put up their holiday ads unless UVSkinz entered a long-term arrangement with them. This is one of the scariest, most unethical agency practices we’ve encountered in our history of growing Digital Position. After their termination, they ramped up an aggressive attack on the UVSkinz brand, driving up CPC's through the roof. While this was all nothing short of a horror story, you'll see from the metrics below that this story had a very happy ending. No agency is perfect, but for us honesty and transparency is mandatory, and we'll do our best to never let you down.


Percentage point swing in revenue


Increase in shopping revenue


Increase in PPC conversions


We're an Open Book, Every Step of the Way

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Just a handful of FAQs!

Why do TikTok/creative with Digital Position?

We hear the same questions over and over from our clients:

“What do we test next?”
“How will we get those assets edited in time?”
“Who do we trust to make these revisions?”

Time and time again, we’ve seen brands struggling to fulfill creative requests and it always came back to the same few problems. Either the creative wasn’t what we needed to make progress in the account, or by the time we received new assets, the account was on life support! This drove us to take the creative burden off of our clients’ shoulders.

Can you tell me more about what a creative strategist is?

Sure! The creative strategist is a role here at Digital Position that is well-versed in both PPC and creative/design. You automatically have one assigned to you when you sign up with our creative service. They are the ones who translate data into creative strategy, and communicate these instructions to the folks who are working on your creative. They will work closely with your PPC Account Lead to ensure that your creative efforts are in line with your overall PPC.

How do you source our creative?

Whether you need new influencer content or your lifestyle imagery is lacking, we can help you out. We have connected with thousands of influencers (from tiny to massive, and in every niche you can think of), videographers, photographers, animators, and more to ensure that we can source the content needed to keep your rocket ship on a one-way trip to the moon.

You’ll work with your creative strategist and PPC Account Lead to identify the kind of assets your brand needs to be successful. We’ll go over the primary objective for the content, your brand’s voice, and particular platform nuances, and then get a creative brief put together. Once we align on the content we’re looking for, our team will get started coordinating with influencers, finding the best professionals to work with and creating a timeline for assets to be delivered.

What do iterations look like? What do you do with our creative?

Our creative strategists analyze every detail of your ad performance from click-through rate all the way down to watch time so that they can establish which elements of your creative perform well and which don’t. Then they get to work rearranging your content like puzzle pieces to find winning combinations. The best part? Since all of our creative iterations are backed up by real-time account insights, we’re always testing and improving. Each month is like a building block being added to your foundation allowing for further improvement and growth the next month.

No more throwing darts at a board, hoping something sticks. Plus, each iteration is handled by our creative strategist and our team of editors and designers so that you never have to worry about resizing content or how to add a text overlay ever again.

Your success story starts here.

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