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How Does Ecommerce SEO Work?

A strong ecommerce SEO strategy will improve organic visibility to your product category pages and product detail pages. This is accomplished by focusing heavily on website structure, technical SEO, and content. Supporting it with a solid blogging strategy is also a must.

Keyword Research

Ecommerce SEO begins with extensive keyword research. You’ll need to discover how people are searching for the products you’re selling.

Content & Landing Page Optimization

Content is king when it comes to lead gen SEO. Your message needs to be clearly articulated on each landing page to get the best results.

Technical & UX Improvement

Improving page speed, crawlability, and other technical elements to your website will positively impact your keyword visibility and conversions.


Blogging is a great way to tie an ecommerce SEO strategy together by answering the search queries (questions) people are typing into Google about the products you sell.

SEO is said to have the highest ROI when it comes to ecommerce marketing. While the fruit may not be as abundant in the beginning, nurturing the campaign can generate substantial yields over time. When you earn page one visibility, the number of clicks you obtain do not come with a per-click cost like they do with paid search. A strong ecommerce SEO campaign can also help your PPC initiatives by providing stronger landing page quality scores which can lead to lower CPCs.

We are well known for bringing ecommerce stores to the top of page one for important keyword terms, and our list of case studies clearly illustrates this! We do this through a proven content and technical SEO strategy, which we would be happy to discuss with you over a free intro call.

Our ecommerce SEO strategies look beyond just improving keyword visibility. Ranking in the top three is great, but if your message is not compelling, it’s not going to draw many clicks. We’re always looking to see what else can be done to draw more traffic through well-optimized meta titles, descriptions, and rich snippet markup.

We encourage user-generated content. You know your products are great, but your customers will not always take your word for it. Instead, a consistent pipeline of product reviews will resonate well with new site visitors and positively impact conversions. We will work with you to create a proficient product review strategy.

The average client works with us for 3.5 years.

Delivering Results

Planet of the Vapes (POTV) approached us in 2016 looking to take their small online vaporizer store national (and later on international). Their goal was extremely aggressive, but simple - to become the largest retailer of vaporizers in the United States. All in all, we helped them to fully achieve this massive undertaking, and we also oversaw an expansion internationally. This story has been nothing short of absolutely mind-blowing, and to this day we maintain an amazing relationship with POTV.


Position for "vaporizers"


Seller of vaporizers in the US


Organic monthly visits to the website

Planet of the Vapes
Full Case Study

We're an Open Book, Every Step of the Way

You see everything we see in real time via our proprietary reporting platform, DataPulse. See organic traffic projections, all your keyword rankings, your personal team with their contact info, and more.

Anytime, anywhere.

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What makes our SEO Agency Unique

Why Hire an Ecommerce SEO Agency?

Well, let’s look at the data generated by our favorite SEO tool, SEMrush. 44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search. 37.5% of all traffic to ecommerce sites comes from search engines. 23.6% of ecommerce orders are directly tied to organic traffic. Need we say more? A solid ecommerce SEO strategy will help position you above your competitors and be a strong contributor to your revenue goals.

What does your Ecommerce SEO service look like?

We offer a range of services for Ecommerce SEO. All of our packages are based on the same principle, which is to be agile and do what needs to be done. We don’t waste time “guaranteeing” XX number of links and XX number of pages each month. We price our packages on hours worked. This allows us to look at what needs to be done at that given time and focus our bandwidth on those specific tasks. As you go up in service level, the number of hours you get for consulting and execution increases. Reach out for a proposal today and we’ll walk you through our SEO service in more detail!

Am I locked into a specific Ecommerce SEO package?

Not unless we're on a revenue share model! We don’t make our clients lock into long-term contracts, so you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time with written 30-day notice. Try finding another SEO agency with that much flexibility!

How much does your Ecommerce SEO service cost?

Our Ecommerce SEO packages start at $2,000/mo. unless we agree on a revenue share model together. We provide best-in-class service, so we understand that this might not always integrate with a smaller business budget. We do have smaller business packages on the PPC side of our business, so if you are looking to get your digital marketing started on a tighter budget, we have you covered; check out our PPC service.

What do your agreements look like?

Every client starts with a month-to-month agreement with a 30-day opt-out. We don't want you to stay with us because you are contractually obligated to, we want you to stay with us because you want to. The average SEO client remains with Digital Position for 3.5 years (yup), so we're not worried about locking our clients into a long-term deal. Come join our family and start capturing more conversions!

How does your reporting work?

We didn't like any of the "stock" reporting solutions out there, so we built our own! We use a proprietary software called DataPulse, built from the ground up by our team. You will be able to log into it to see your metrics in real-time. We then typically send a monthly SEO report with an analysis of the metrics, a summary of projects completed the previous month, and the projects for the upcoming month. Then we hop on a monthly call to go through it and prioritize. Custom reporting options and a more frequent cadence of calls are absolutely an option.

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