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Meet the Digital Position Team

We're no faceless entity. Meet the team behind the curtain!

We're obsessed with adapting to constant changes in the PPC and SEO sectors. We're innovative thinkers who aren't afraid to use unconventional means provided measurable results follow. We manage millions in advertising spend and have proven success in complex and challenging environments leading to consistent double-digit growth trends.

Roger Parent Professional
Roger Parent Leisure

Roger Parent

Founder & CEO

Wanting to be an entrepreneur since he was young, Roger finally took the risk. He left his traditional job in 2014 and started Digital Position. Since then he's built an incredible marketing team. When not working and complaining about Connecticut's taxes, he spends time with family and competes in volleyball tournaments around the country

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Steve Cozzolongo Professional
Steve Cozzolongo Leisure

Steve Cozzolongo

Partner & VP of Marketing

Steve joined Digital Position as a Partner in the business. Stephen offers over 10 years of experience in all things PPC. Steve has also worked with recognizable brands such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, Golf Galaxy and Century21. When not working for Digital Position, Steve lifts very, very heavy weights.

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Melissa Spitz Professional
Melissa Spitz Leisure

Melissa Spitz

Business Manager

Melissa joined Digital Position as a numbers guru while also learning top PPC tactics. As we experience strong growth, Melissa keeps us organized and operating efficiently. She understands effective growth tactics, financial forecasting and budgets for our clients - and more. When not working for Digital Position, Melissa spends time with her son Jacob and runs in warrior dash competitions.

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Erika Berube Professional
Erika Berube Leisure

Erika Berube

Content Specialist

Erika joined Digital Position in 2019 as a Content Specialist. In this role, she gets to fulfill two passions: researching new things and writing about them! She enjoys holiday celebrations, the changing of the seasons, her family and their black lab, Callie. When Erika is not writing for Digital Position or decorating for another holiday, she enjoys traveling and learning about American history.

Tim Pelletier Professional
Tim Pelletier Leisure

Tim Pelletier

Director of SEO

Tim joined Digital Position in 2018 as an SEO Manager and brings with him a decade of experience in digital marketing. With SEO being his primary focus over the last 6 years, he has driven many successful strategies for clients of all sizes. When not working for Digital Position, Tim spends his time with family and is an avid skier, mountain biker and rock climber.

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Jordan Lagan Professional
Jordan Lagan Leisure

Jordan Lagan

Development Supervisor

Jordan is the man behind the scenes making our jobs easier. Jordan applies his development skills in SEO, PPC automation & Web Development as a member of the Digital Position Team. He joined in 2017 after completing a web development course at When not working for Digital Position, Jordan loves eating delicious food, traveling to cool places and playing video games.

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Greg Zenhye Professional
Greg Zenhye Leisure

Greg Zenhye

IT Director

Greg joined Digital Position in early 2018 as an IT specialist while also pursuing SEO on the side. As a key member of the company, Greg is involved with keeping systems & processes secure, efficient, and safe, from upgrading to maintenance. When not working for Digital Position, Greg spends his time stopping pucks in the net on the ice.

Josh Hayashida Professional
Josh Hayashida Leisure

Josh Hayashida

Developer / Feed Management Specialist

Josh joined the Digital Position team in 2018 after working as a freelance developer for several years. His main responsibilities include developing Digital Position's backend reporting software, creating and maintaining client product feeds, and automating as much as humanly possible. When not working for Digital Position, Josh likes to grow bonsai trees and play video games.

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Timothy McDonnell Professional
Timothy McDonnell Leisure

Timothy McDonnell

Director of PPC

Coming from a background as an investment analyst at a hedge fund, Timothy brings a lot of skill and expertise to Digital Position as a PPC Specialist. Previously, he doubled majored Finance and MIS with a minor in business analytics from Villanova University. In his free time, he likes to play Volleyball.

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Anne Turner Professional
Anne Turner Leisure

Anne Turner

PPC Specialist

Anne joined the Digital Position team in 2019. She brings over 10 years of experience as a PPC specialist for a custom apparel company. She loves writing ad copy and the organization involved in creating new PPC campaigns. When not working for Digital Position, Anne likes cooking and going on adventures with her family.

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Adam King Professional
Adam King Leisure

Adam King

SEO Specialist

Adam joined Digital Position in 2018 as an SEO Specialist. Prior to coming here, he worked for an environmental safety company as a marketing assistant and safety inspector. He likes to spend his free time working out, playing sports, and traveling the world.

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Kyle Werle Professional
Kyle Werle Leisure

Kyle Werle

SEO Supervisor

Kyle Werle joined Digital Position in 2019 as an SEO Supervisor. Prior to Digital Position, Kyle functioned as an SEO in several industries including, automotive, construction, legal, and lifestyle. Outside of work you will likely find Kyle skiing, mountain biking, or playing disk golf.

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Carl Lindgren Professional
Carl Lindgren Leisure

Carl Lindgren

Branding Consultant

Carl joined Digital Position in 2016 and brought his knowledge of brand continuity and design. Carl does any kind of design work from creating display ads, to assisting clients with conversion optimization strategies in website design. In his free time, Carl enjoys the outdoors and photography.

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Amy Glover Professional
Amy Glover Leisure

Amy Glover

Design Consultant

Amy began at Digital Position as an intern, having studied Marketing & Graphic Design at the University of Maine. Amy works with smaller local businesses to improve their websites prior to spending marketing dollars on them. When Amy isn't working with Digital Position, she enjoys photography, as well as vacationing in Cape Cod.

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Connor & Olivia Professional
Connor & Olivia Leisure

Connor & Olivia Parent

Baby & Toddler

Roger's kids play an integral part of Digital Position's success. They're already fluent in multiple programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Jquery, C++, and more. They're basically geniuses. In their free time, they like to play the piano together and give big hugs.