A team driven by wellness and passion.

Digital Position was founded on the idea that work doesn't have to suck. Everything we stand for revolves around improving the quality of life of our team and clients alike.


Captains of the ship that we call Digital Position.

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Grant McKinstrie


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Steve Cozzolongo

Partner & CMO

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Roger Parent

Founder & CEO Advisor

Business Mgmt.

All things accounting and HR. They throw a hell of a party too.

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Tiffany DeJesus

HR Director

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Amanda Eckes

AR/AP Specialist


Connecting this dot, to that dot, to that dot.

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Katryn Carlin

Senior Operations Specialist

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Mike Harrison

Design & Tech Specialist


Money doesn't buy happiness but it sure does do a good job at keeping businesses running.

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Austen Wiley

PPC Manager

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Kaylee Price

Paid Social Manager

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Anne Turner

PPC Support Supervisor

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Frank Field

Senior PPC Account Lead

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Kerry Ballard

Senior PPC Account Lead

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Shaina Abramson

Senior PPC Account Lead

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Kyle O'Neill

PPC Account Lead

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John Vickery

PPC Account Lead

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Brian Franzoni

PPC Account Lead

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Jasmin Goicochea

PPC Support

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Lana Strejcek

PPC Support

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Odessa Slauson

PPC Support


We're remote and don't drive to work, so we can be happy about 100% of the traffic we create.

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Alan Lucy

Senior SEO Account Lead

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Leah Harper

Senior SEO Account Lead

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Tyler Higginbotham

SEO Account Lead

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Tyler Ziton

SEO Account Lead


You can't whistle a symphony (trust us, we've tried).

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Jordan Lagan

Support Team Manager

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Adam King

Senior SEO Specialist

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Joel Beger


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Daniel Lagan

IT/Analytics Specialist