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Meet Our Team

We're smart, hard-working people who measure on results.

We're obsessed with adapting to constant changes in the marketing, web design & development sectors. We're innovative thinkers who aren't afraid to use unconventional means provided measurable results follow. We manage millions in advertising spend and have proven success in complex and challenging environments leading to consistent double-digit growth trends.

Roger Parent Profile
Roger Parent Leisure

Roger Parent

Owner / Search Wizard

Wanting to be an entrepreneur since I was young, I finally took the risk. I left my "traditional" job in 2014 and started GradientWave. In 2016, we rebranded as Digital Position and I've been fortunate to find an incredible team that has been crucial to our growth. When not working and complaining about Connecticut's taxes, I spend time with family and compete in volleyball tournaments around the country.

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Steve Cozzolongo Profile
Steve Cozzolongo Leisure

Steve Cozzolongo

Partner / PPC Expert

Steve joined Digital Position as a Partner in the business. Stephen offers over 10 years of experience in all things PPC. Steve has also worked with recognizable brands such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, Golf Galaxy and Century21. When not working for Digital Position, Steve lifts very, very heavy weights.

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Melissa Spitz Profile
Melissa Spitz Leisure

Melissa Spitz

Financial Analyst / Numbers Genius

Melissa joined Digital Position as a numbers guru. As we experienced strong growth, Melissa kept us organized and most importantly, operating efficiently. She understands effective growth tactics, financial forecasting and budgets for our clients - and more. When not working for Digital Position, Melissa spends time with her son Jacob and runs in warrior dash competitions.

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Carl Lindgren Profile
Carl Lindgren Leisure

Carl Lindgren

Graphic Designer / Marketing Guru

Carl joined Digital Position in 2016 and brought his knowledge of brand continuity and design. Carl does any kind of design work from creating display ads, to designing a Logo and website. In his free time, Carl enjoys the outdoors and photography.

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Amy Glover Profile
Amy Glover Leisure

Amy Glover

Intern / Future Designer

Originally from Simsbury, CT, Amy is now studying Marketing & Graphic Design at the University of Maine. Amy is learning how to become a top designer by shadowing and receiving training from our team. When Amy isn't working with Digital Position, she enjoys photography and light manipulation, as well as vacationing in Cape Cod.

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Olivia Parent Profile
Olivia Parent Leisure

Olivia Parent

Marketing Mastermind / Baby

Olivia is Roger's newest addition to the family! Born September 24th 2016, she's already fluent in multiple programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Jquery, C++, and more. She's basically a baby genius. In her free time, Olivia likes to play on her play mat, make funny noises and sleep a lot.