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Meet the masterminds behind the curtain!

We're no faceless entity. We're obsessed with adapting to constant changes in the PPC and SEO sectors. We're innovative thinkers who aren't afraid to use unconventional means provided measurable results follow. We manage millions in advertising spend and have proven success in complex and challenging environments leading to consistent double-digit growth trends.

Roger Parent Professional
Roger Parent Leisure

Roger Parent

Founder & CEO

Wanting to be an entrepreneur since he was young, Roger finally took the risk. He left his traditional job in 2014 and started Digital Position. Since then he's built an incredible marketing team. When not working and complaining about Connecticut's taxes, he spends time with family and competes in volleyball tournaments around the country.

Steve Cozzolongo Professional
Steve Cozzolongo Leisure

Steve Cozzolongo

Partner & CMO

Steve joined Digital Position as a Partner in the business. Stephen offers over 10 years of experience in all things PPC. Steve has also worked with recognizable brands such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, Golf Galaxy and Century21. When not working for Digital Position, Steve lifts very, very heavy weights.

Melissa Spitz Professional
Melissa Spitz Leisure

Melissa Spitz

Director of Finance

Melissa joined Digital Position as a numbers guru while also learning top PPC tactics. As we experience strong growth, Melissa keeps us organized and operating efficiently. She understands effective growth tactics, financial forecasting and budgets for our clients - and more. When not working for Digital Position, Melissa spends time with her son Jacob and runs in warrior dash competitions.

Grant McKinstrie Professional
Grant McKinstrie Leisure

Grant McKinstrie

Operations Manager

Grant joined the DP team in 2020 looking to continue and further his SEO knowledge through the e-commerce space. Before joining the team, he managed SEO strategy for several automotive dealerships across the country. In his free time you’ll find him playing basketball, video games, or eating a ridiculous amount of sushi.

Kaylee Price Professional
Kaylee Price Leisure

Kaylee Price

Paid Social Manager

Kaylee came to the Digital Position team at the start of 2020. She brings a love for marketing strategy and a desire to see businesses grow. Her prior experience in the competitive Automotive Marketing niche has given her the ability to find creative solutions to tough problems. During her personal time Kaylee enjoys tennis, hiking with her two dogs or taking advantage of her Florida resident status at the local theme parks.

Austen Wiley Professional
Austen Wiley Leisure

Austen Wiley

PPC Manager

Austen joined Digital Position in 2021 as a PPC Specialist with two years of digital marketing experience, one within a large dealership group. He has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Texas at Arlington. When not working, you can find him spending time with his wife and pets, playing video games or reading another good book.

Mary Anne Professional
Mary Anne Leisure

Mary Anne Mason

SEO Manager

Mary Anne joined the Digital Position team in 2020 as an SEO Account Lead. She joins the team as a passionate marketing strategist with years of experience in digital marketing. In her previous role, she helped increase customer engagement and business visibility for over 400 businesses across the country. In her free time, you can find Mary Anne cheering on her alma mater, Clemson University, at football games or exploring with her golden retriever, Millie.

Jordan Lagan Professional
Jordan Lagan Leisure

Jordan Lagan

Support Team Manager

Jordan is the man behind the scenes making our jobs easier. Jordan applies his development skills in SEO, PPC automation & Web Development as a member of the Digital Position Team. He joined in 2017 after completing a web development course at When not working for Digital Position, Jordan loves eating delicious food, traveling to cool places and playing video games.

Katie Professional
Katie Leisure

Katie Burns

Paid Social Supervisor

Katie joined the Digital Position team in 2023 with five years of digital marketing experience. She comes with experience in the healthcare, agriculture and tourism industries. Katie loves strategically building audiences to drive results for clients. When she isn't working you can find her cheering on the STL Cardinals and Blues or making cake pops and charcuterie boards for her side hustle Big Picture Creations.

Frank Field Professional
Frank Field Leisure

Frank Field

Senior PPC Account Lead

Frank (aka Amos Pepperjack) joined the Digital Position team in 2020 as a PPC Specialist (and supplier of regular motivational quotes). He has a degree in marketing from the University of Rhode Island and a master’s degree in Management from Durham University in England. Frank is an avid volleyball player who competes in tournaments around the country, and occasionally, internationally.

Kerry Ballard Professional
Kerry Ballard Leisure

Kerry Ballard

Senior PPC Account Lead

Kerry joined the Digital Position team in 2021 as a PPC Account Lead with three years of digital marketing knowledge. Kerry’s previous clients included large real estate companies and destination marketing organizations. She has a degree in marketing from Colorado Mesa University and hopes someday to achieve her masters. In her free time, she enjoys DIY projects with her husband, hiking with her two dogs, traveling, and snowboarding.

Shaina Abramson Professional
Shaina Abramson Leisure

Shaina Abramson

PPC Account Lead

Shaina joined Digital Position in 2022 as a PPC Account Lead. Before joining Digital Position, Shaina worked as a PPC Specialist for clients across a wide range of industries including medical, moving & relocation, education, automotive, and more! She has a degree in sport and exercise psychology and minors in marketing and communications from West Virginia University. In her free time, she enjoys reading by the pool, working out, and spending time at the beach.

Kyle O'Neill Professional
Kyle O'Neill Leisure

Kyle ONeill

PPC Account Lead

Kyle joined Digital Position in 2022 as a PPC Account Lead. Having graduated from Rivier College with a degree in Business Management, Kyle spent the last 10 years running his family's business, Long Beach Florist. During his free time, you can find him on the beach, either surfing or playing volleyball!

Christina Yoder Professional
Christina Yoder Leisure

Christina Yoder

PPC Account Lead

Christina joined Digital Position in 2022 as a PPC Account Lead with years of in-house digital marketing and agency experience. Christina graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and Media Studies from Arizona State University. She brings with her a passion for digital marketing trends and is often geeking out over analytics. When not working she enjoys hikes with her two dogs, all things music, cooking, and playing video games.

Anne Turner Professional
Anne Turner Leisure

Anne Turner

Senior PPC Specialist

Anne joined the Digital Position team in 2019. She brings over 10 years of experience as a PPC specialist for a custom apparel company. She loves writing ad copy and the organization involved in creating new PPC campaigns. When not working for Digital Position, Anne likes cooking and going on adventures with her family.

Alan Professional
Alan Leisure

Alan Lucy

SEO Account Lead

Alan joined the Digital Position team in July of 2022 as an SEO Account Lead after advancing his knowledge in SEO to significantly impact great businesses. Prior, he worked with hundreds of companies throughout the financial services and industrial manufacturing industries, helping to develop their SEO and content marketing strategies. In his free time, you will usually find him at a music venue, spending time with his chocolate lab, Willow, or out on a run.

Leah Professional
Leah Leisure

Leah Harper

SEO Account Lead

Leah joined the Digital Position team in 2022 as an SEO Account Lead, bringing years of in-house and agency SEO experience. Prior to joining the team, Leah has demonstrated her SEO knowledge by achieving goals across a variety of industries, from charitable nonprofits to companies generating over $1B in revenue. Leah loves laughing and learning new things. You’ll often find her reading nonfiction, exploring nature, or watching standup comedy.

Tyler Professional
Tyler Leisure

Tyler Higginbotham

SEO Account Lead

Tyler joined the Digital Position team in February of 2023, having worked in the digital marketing field for nearly a decade. Tyler loves everything and anything to do with SEO. In his time outside of work, he plays guitar and sings in a band with some friends, gets his butt kicked in video games by those same friends, and spends a lot of time reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. A self-proclaimed nerd through and through, whether that be SEO or otherwise.

Adam King Professional
Adam King Leisure

Adam King

Senior SEO Specialist

Adam joined Digital Position in 2018 as an SEO Specialist. Prior to coming here, he worked for an environmental safety company as a marketing assistant and safety inspector. He likes to spend his free time working out, playing sports, and traveling.

Erika Berube Professional
Erika Berube Leisure

Erika Berube

Content Supervisor

Erika joined Digital Position in 2019 as a Content Specialist. In this role, she gets to fulfill two passions: researching new things and writing about them! She enjoys holiday celebrations, the changing of the seasons, her family and their black lab, Callie. When Erika is not writing for Digital Position or decorating for another holiday, she enjoys traveling and learning about American history.

Mike Harrison Professional
Mike Harrison Leisure

Mike Harrison

Design Supervisor

Mike joined Digital Position in 2020 with a background in visual/sound design. He's the driving force behind our cohesive brand vision and assists in website design, light front-end development, assets for ads, and much more. When not working for Digital Position, Mike loves to learn and grow as a creative "swiss army knife" furthering skills in music composition/production, video game programming, pixel art, and of course, designing for the web.

Joel Beger Professional
Joel Beger Leisure

Joel Beger


Joel joined the Digital Position team in early 2021 as a developer, coming from a background in sales and marketing. When not at work assisting in building websites and apps, Joel is a tech geek and enjoys building custom PC's, looking into new technologies, and contributing to the Open Source community. He has two beautiful children (cats) with his wife, and also enjoys soccer, live music, video games, traveling, and video production.

Daniel Lagan Professional
Daniel Lagan Leisure

Daniel Lagan

IT/Analytics Specialist

After spending the better part of a decade working as a Regional Director for a Connecticut-based nonprofit, Daniel joined Digital Position in the summer of 2022 as IT and adminstrative support. Outside of work Daniel enjoys reading, coffee, and following New England sports teams.

Tiffany DeJesus Professional
Tiffany DeJesus Leisure

Tiffany DeJesus

HR Supervisor

Tiffany joined Digital Position in 2021 as a Business Management Assistant. She brings over 10 years of experience in various financial roles as well as experience in Human Resources. Prior to Digital Position, Tiffany worked as a financial assistant in the healthcare field. When not working for Digital Position, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her children and family.

Katryn Carlin Professional
Katryn Carlin Leisure

Katryn Carlin

PPC/Onboarding Specialist

Katryn joined Digital Position in the summer of 2022 as an Administrative Assistant. She has been a teacher for the last decade and just graduated with a Masters Degree in STEAM Education. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her three children and spending time outdoors.

Greg Zenhye Professional
Greg Zenhye Leisure

Greg Zenhye

IT Support

Greg joined Digital Position in early 2018 as an IT specialist while also pursuing SEO on the side. As a key member of the company, Greg is involved with keeping systems & processes secure, efficient, and safe, from upgrading to maintenance. When not working for Digital Position, Greg spends his time stopping pucks in the net on the ice.

Connor & Olivia Professional
Connor & Olivia Leisure

Connor & Olivia Parent

Baby & Toddler

Roger's kids play an integral part of Digital Position's success. They're already fluent in multiple programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Jquery, C++, and more. They're basically geniuses. In their free time, they like to play the piano together and give big hugs.

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