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Google Ads Cost Calculator

Generate budgets that drive growth.

E-Commerce & Lead Gen Google Ads Budget Calculator

We built 2 versions of this tool so choose below if your company is E-Commerce or Lead Generation focused.

Lead Generation

Google Ads PPC Goals

Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) Your desired Return on Ad Spend. This number represents the number of dollars received for every 1 dollar spent in Google Ads.
Target Revenue Amount of revenue you hope to generate in a month.

Business Metrics

Website CVR (Conversion Rate) Website CVR represents the percentage of users who visit your site from a Google Ad that convert. (If your site receives 2,000 monthly visits and you have 30 conversions, your CVR would be 1.5%)
Average Non-Brand CPC (Cost Per Click) The average cost per click for campaigns that don't include your brand name. (If you have 3 non-branded campaigns with a total spend of $1,000 and 100 clicks, your average CPC would be $10)
Agency / Management Fees The amount you pay your agency or in-house team to manage your Google Ads account per month. Use flat fee if you pay a set rate every month or percentage if you pay a percentage of ad spend.


Cost Total cost of dollars spent on Google Ads plus agency fees. This number is an estimate of what you should budget for.
Traffic Estimated number of clicks you will receive from Google Ads.
Conversions Conversions for an e-commerce business would be purchases.
AOV (Average Order Value) The average amount of money generated by a sale.
ROI (Return on Investment) This estimates the return on your whole investment including fees.

How to use the Google Ads Cost Calculator

Step 1 - Grab these key stats (don't worry, they're easy to find):
Step 2 - Plug 'em in

Once you supply your goals and business metrics, we can estimate the results of your campaigns and how much it could cost to hit your targets.

Why We Created This Google Ads Cost Calculator

Digital marketing has evolved from a supplementary medium to a crucial channel for brand promotion and sales. But it comes with its challenges. Figuring out the optimum budget for Google Ads, estimating costs, and gauging returns can be a complex & time consuming task. In fact, we wrote a whole article dedicated to the topic of determining how much you should be spending on google ads. TLDR is that there is no magic number, it all depends on what drives profit for your business and what your specific goals are.

We built this Google Ads Cost Calculator to bring you straight to those numbers that matter most. If you are getting stuck or have questions, give us a call. We thrive on the data driven strategy - it's what we do for a living.

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