Shopify SEO Agency

Shopify SEO is so much more than just getting traffic.

You know how every person who walks into a store isn’t there to buy? Same with your online traffic. Shopify has been our personal favorite platform since we were founded in 2014, and we know it like the back of our hands. We specialize in SEO that doesn’t just boost numbers, but brings in the kind of traffic that converts—real people interested in what you’re selling.

Success Story

Old World Christmas: Now #1 in the US! 🏆

The Problem: In years previous, OWC was always 2nd and 3rd position (or lost their 1st position shortly after taking it).

Tyler Higginbotham

"I was thrilled to be a part of this. It was the first time I have had a client remain #1 in the nation during their peak season, and we broke almost all of the expectations and sales goals."

  • We built lots of content to category pages.
  • We optimized meta data and existing content.
  • We tested keywords for each category page to find what worked best.
  • We had weekly calls to ensure we are at the pulse of the client's decision making.
Organic Traffic (Sessions)
44%Up Arrow
Organic Revenue
45%Up Arrow
GSC Clicks
65%Up Arrow
Organic KWs In Top 3 Positions
84%Up Arrow

Why choose Digital Position as your Shopify SEO agency, you ask?


Tailored strategy, every time.

You don't need just any traffic—you need the right kind. Our focus is to bring visitors who are looking for exactly what you offer in order to maximize revenue. Through smart, tailored strategies, we aim for the sweet spot—where your store meets your ideal customer.


We’ve likely helped a business like yours already.

You’ll work with people who’ve been in the SEO game long enough to have seen it all and done even more. We’re not just about rankings and numbers—we’re about understanding your business and making sure you’re found by the people who truly matter.


We see the forest.

By diving deep into your data, we understand what’s working and what’s not. Then, we tailor our approach so your store doesn’t just attract traffic—it attracts sales. As a versatile agency, we make sure all of your channels are working together seamlessly—from SEO, to paid search, to paid social.


Our contracts are month-to-month.

Every month, we aim to prove ourselves to our clients, again and again. We believe that a quality service, which drives real value, should not need to lock anyone in long-term. The freedom is yours to leave, but we're dedicated to making sure you'll never want to.


We prioritize our client's growth.

You are missing that key piece of the puzzle—the one that will take your business to the next level. You've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. You're frustrated, and you're not sure what to do next. We get it. We've been there. We've helped hundreds of businesses just like yours and we know what works and what doesn't. We're here to help you succeed.

Jason Jabaut from Fleet Feet

"Digital Position is an excellent extention of our team. We have worked with them for about a year to scale our business at a profitable level, and have accomplished that time and time again. Unlike many partners, they are always proactive to meet our needs and address any concerns. I highly recommend the Digital Position team!"

Jason Jabaut

Chief Operating Officer at Fleet Feet

Mike Shelley from Sgt Knots

"I connected with Digital Position and I wasn't sure exactly what I needed. They saw the opportunity to take our direct-to-consumer website and really just blow it up - it's something that I didn't realize the potential for myself. They went above and beyond to make sure the website, user experience, SEO, and PPC was in top-top shape. They've just done a phenomenal job for us."

Mike Shelley

Founder at Sgt Knots

Shopify SEO services that work hard so you don't have to.

You’re here because you’ve got goals. Maybe it’s to sleep better knowing your online store is climbing up the search results, or maybe it's to stop worrying about whether your products are being seen by the right people. We get it, and we've got the tools and know-how to make it happen.

  • Keyword research: We'll identify the high-value keywords that your target customers are searching for, and help you map those keywords to the right pages on your site.
  • Content & landing page optimization: We'll help you create and optimize your landing pages to ensure that they're clear, concise, and relevant to your target keywords.
  • Technical & UX improvement: We'll make sure that your Shopify site is technically sound and easy to navigate. This includes improving page speed, crawlability, and other technical elements.
  • Blogging: We'll help you create and publish high-quality blog content that answers your target customers' questions and positions you as an expert in your industry - a very important aspect of developing E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) which Google looks for in content.


We didn't like the reporting options out there, so we built our own! DataPulse allows you to log in and follow along with your performance. Anything that we can see in your accounts? Yeah, you can see it too!

We're an open book, every step of the way.

Every Digital Position client gets full access to a managed DataPulse profile for their business.

  • Precise PPC & SEO Performance Tracking
  • Auto Updating Dashboards
  • Performance Forecasting with Current Month Projections
  • Account Performance Alerts
  • Campaign Optimization Scripts
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Year Over Year Performance Comparisons
  • Granular Data Filters


Shopify SEO takes the principle of regular SEO and applies them specifically to your Shopify store. As a top-notch Shopify SEO agency, our job is to help your store rank higher in search results, making it easier for your customers to find you!

Having Shopify SEO services does wonders for increased visibility, driving organic traffic to your site, and ultimately boosting your sales. Plus, our custom strategy ensures we're targeting keywords that matter to your brand and audience.

We don't believe in tying our clients down. Our contracts are flexible and always month-to-month. You can leave whenever you want, but our aim is that the value we're driving will make you never want to.

You'll get a dedicated Slack channel for regular communication, as well as monthly strategy calls, and monthly reports of your progress. On top of that, you'll get access to our proprietary software, DataPulse, where you can log in and view all of your metrics in real time.

Absolutely! Shopify is an SEO-friendly platform, and when you work in tandem with a dedicated Shopify SEO consultant like us, your store stands to reach higher heights in search engine rankings.

Yep, the right SEO strategies can definitely boost your sales! The more we can improve your visibility through SEO, the more likely you are to convert browsing visitors to buying customers.

Definitely. In fact, SEO is more valuable now than ever. With our Shopify SEO services, you'll see improved organic reach and engagement which ultimately leads to higher sales.

We perform detailed research based on your business and audience. As Shopify SEO experts, we diligently handpick those keywords that will deliver the most impact.

SEO is a long game, but you can typically expect to see results within a few months. Our average client relationship spans over 4 years; we're here for the long haul to ensure maximum results with our comprehensive Shopify SEO services.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

It's time for you to feel what a marketing agency with the right priorities can do for you. We're ready when you are. 🚀