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Google Penalty Removal Service

Helping your business recover from Google's algorithm changes and implementing future-proof strategies.

Our SEO Penalty Removal Process

Understanding algorithm change vs. manual penalty is the first step in determining the best steps for your business. Many clients lose organic traffic and think they’ve been "penalized” when that may not be the case. Our Google penalty removal service identifies the type of penalty your business is experiencing to take the right action to resolve the issue.

Algorithm Devaluation

When Google launches an algorithm update, they typically don't communicate about it unless it's an extremely large update. We monitor SERP volatility to help inform us when changes are made in search results.

If a website is impacted by an algorithmic update, we call this an "algorithmic devaluation" because Google simply may not be finding your website as valuable as before using new criteria, OR they're finding competitors more valuable.

Recovering from an algorithmic devaluation can be tricky and sometimes require overhauls in content and/or strategy.

Manual Penalty

Manual penalties are typically more serious offenses in the eyes of Google. However, the good part here is that we'll actually get direct communication about what the problem is in Google's Search Console tool.

Knowing what the problem is helps us nail down exactly what happened so that we can address it more quickly than an algorithmic devaluation (usually).

We can then communicate with Google through the tool once we believe the issue has been resolved, and in most instances we see a very quick recovery post completion.

You need to act quickly if your business has gotten hit with a manual penalty or an algorithmic devaluation. Algorithmic devaluations are very different from manual penalties. However, both require a deep understanding of current SEO trends to address them adequately and future-proof your business, so they're unlikely to happen again.

We offer a comprehensive Google penalty removal service and work with you to determine the issue and understand why it’s happening. Then we outline a path to fix it ASAP using our SEO penalty removal services. If an algorithmic devaluation or manual action has impacted you, don't wait to bring in SEO penalty removal experts who know exactly what to do.


The average client works with us for 3.5 years.

Delivering Results

In late 2018, Medcerts brought on Digital Position as a partner for SEO. At the time, Medcerts was using an outdated website platform, the website was a mess, there was no keyword targeting, and it was unclear even what the company did. We helped the Medcerts team choose a designer & developer (reviewed proposals they had received), did in-depth keyword research, scoped out a completely new website architecture, wrote new content, and oversaw the entire process from old website to new. Medcerts moved on this migration flawlessly, and traffic exploded immediately after.


SEO traffic increase in year 1


Increase in leads


Position for "healthcare certifications"

Full Case Study

We're an Open Book, Every Step of the Way

You see everything we see in real-time via our proprietary reporting platform, DataPulse. See organic traffic projections, keyword rankings, contact info for your SEO penalty removal team, and more. We want you to experience, first-hand, how our Google penalty removal service works to achieve your desired results over time.

Anytime, anywhere.

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What Makes Our SEO Penalty Removal Agency Unique?

Why hire an SEO agency for a Google penalty removal service?

SEO penalty removal services derived from black hat SEO techniques require an expert to address. At Digital Position, our team has worked on countless websites, which means we’ve probably come across a situation much like yours. Our Google penalty removal service can help you get on the path to recovery quickly and set your site up for a more prosperous future.

What does your Google penalty removal service look like?

Our SEO penalty removal services are tailored to your needs. We generally hop on a call with you to get a high-level overview of what’s going on, then discuss options from there. Often, a client will engage in an upfront project cost and then sign on for one of our SEO packages to build and maintain a stronger website experience. This also allows us to track performance over time.

Am I locked into a specific package after going through SEO penalty removal services?

Not unless we’re on a revenue share model. Otherwise, you can change, upgrade, or downgrade your services at any time with a 30-day notice for the change in arrangement. For example, you can start with more engagement at the beginning with our Google penalty removal service, then scale back to address other SEO needs within your budget.

What do your agreements look like?

Every client starts with a month-to-month agreement with a 30-day opt-out. The average SEO client remains with Digital Position for 3.5 years (yup), so we're not worried about locking our clients into a long-term deal. We want you to stay with us because you see results, not because you have to. Come join our family, and we don’t think you’ll want to leave!

How does your reporting work?

We use a proprietary software called DataPulse, built from the ground up by our team. Clients can access and view their SEO metrics in real-time at any time. Typically, we send an SEO report analyzing the metrics, projects, and upcoming tasks to review on a monthly call and prioritize tasks accordingly. Custom reporting options and a more frequent cadence of calls are absolutely an option.

More SEO Services for You

Once you utilize our Google penalty removal service to resolve algorithm changes or manual penalty issues, you can work with us to improve SEO across your website. We offer a wide range of professional SEO services to meet your needs, from Shopify SEO for ecommerce businesses to local SEO for brick-and-mortar companies to technical SEO services for backend development assistance and more. We encourage you to utilize our SEO consulting service once your SEO penalty removal is complete to determine the next steps to increase your online visibility.

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