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It’s not about just being seen—it’s about being remembered.

In this day and age, Facebook is quite over-saturated. Amidst the whirlwind of posts, shares, and likes, your brand needs to stand out against the odds and resonate. With our Meta-certified expertise, we ensure that your message goes beyond just being seen. We aim to leave a lasting impression that will turn viewers into customers.

Success Story

John absolutely rocketed CheeseButta's PPC Revenue in 2023. 🚀

John Vickery

"PPC is a very effective way to get a brand's product out there. The world is your oyster in terms of how you wish to present yourself. Crafting unique messaging with high-intent user targeting can prove to be incredibly fruitful for a business's success."

  • We tested new user audiences To show ads to those who are most likely to purchase.
  • We created new product bundles to increase AOV.
  • We then advertised these bundles with dedicated landing pages.
  • We revamped ad copy to focus on the application of the product and added reviews for social proof.
PPC Revenue
57%Up Arrow
77%Up Arrow
135%Up Arrow

The right post, at the right time, with the right audience.

While many brands get lost in the endless scroll of Facebook, your brand has the potential to rise above. It just takes the right combination of content, strategy, and timing—and that's where our team shines. At Digital Position, we bring together seasoned experts committed to not just enhancing your Facebook presence but truly revolutionizing it.

What do you get with a Facebook Ads agency like Digital Position?


Tailored strategy, every time.

Our bottom line is always the same: revenue. We’ll look at your performance and audiences, analyze, and test until we find your winning formula. You can’t create real growth and engagement overnight—solid trust with your audience is fostered tactfully over time—but when it hits, it’s worth every second of effort.


We’ve worked with businesses like yours.

We’re so proud of the individuals on our team. They are masters of PPC advertising, thought-leaders in the social space, and genuinely great people. Being an excellent Instagram marketing agency requires a blend of personality, authenticity, and expertise to reach people in an effective way, and our team knows how to grab eyes.


We see the forest.

We operate on MER (marketing expense ratio) models to gauge performance across multiple channels. This lets us see the bigger objective: your actual revenue. Not looking at performance in a silo ensures that your paid search, SEO and paid social efforts are seamlessly working together.


Our contracts are month-to-month.

Every month, we aim to prove ourselves to our clients, again and again. We believe that a quality service, which drives real value, should not need to lock anyone in long-term. The freedom is yours to leave, but we're dedicated to making sure you'll never want to.

We deliver results, not empty promises.

Our clients vouch for us. We're proud of the work we do, and we're even more proud of the relationships we've built along the way. Our company is awesome because our clients are awesome and we've got the proof to back it up.

Jason Jabaut from Fleet Feet class=

"Digital Position is an excellent extention of our team. We have worked with them for about a year to scale our business at a profitable level, and have accomplished that time and time again. Unlike many partners, they are always proactive to meet our needs and address any concerns. I highly recommend the Digital Position team!"

Jason Jabaut

Chief Operating Officer


Paid Social

As a versatile paid social agency, we’ve partnered with both Meta Ads and TikTok Ads so you have full coverage along all social channels. Learn more about the broad range of services we can provide on the social front—we’re ready when you are.


Instagram Ads

In a world driven by visuals, your brand's story has to shine the brightest. With an agency like ourselves behind you, every post becomes an opportunity for engagement. We optimize the art and science of Instagram to curate moments that matter.


TikTok Ads

TikTok's allure lies in its spontaneity and creativity. As a leading TikTok ads agency, we tap into these trends, positioning your brand amidst viral moments. Tiktok has proven itself as an incredible way to speak to your audience in a casual and authentic way.


Hiring a professional Facebook ads agency like us could prove incredibly beneficial for your business. Balancing ad management with daily business operations can be overwhelming. Having an expert team managing your Facebook ads ensures they get in front of the right audience and saves you valuable time.

We believe in proving our worth every month - hence, our contracts are month-to-month with no long-term obligations. Our focus is on adding continuous value to your business rather than binding you with lengthy agreements.

We provide monthly reports detailing all crucial aspects of your campaign. Moreover, through our proprietary software, DataPulse, you can log in anytime to get real-time metrics. We also hold monthly strategy calls and give you a dedicated Slack channel to keep you in the loop.

Whether you should venture into Instagram Ads or TikTok Ads entirely depends on your audience, budget, and business goals. Both these platforms can provide fantastic results if your audience is active there. We're more than happy to guide you in selecting the right channels!

Our pricing depends on your specific business needs, ad spend budget, and which of our services you need. Reach out to us for a chat and we can talk about what might make sense for you!

We believe in custom-built strategies rather than cookie-cutter solutions. The best strategies depend on your type of business, target audience, and specific goals. We use our expertise to craft a unique approach maximizing engagement and conversions!

We recommend measuring success on Facebook ads using a MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio) model. This gives a valuable insight into your business's overall performance and can tailor strategic adjustments from there! For specific campaigns, we'll measure success through CPA, ROAS, conversion rate, CTR, CPC, or impressions and reach. It really depends on what the end goal is!

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

It's time for you to feel what a marketing agency with the right priorities can do for you. We're ready when you are. 🚀