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The average client works with us for 3.5 years.

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Our Process

With 10+ years of scaling brands with future-proof strategies, we've refined our process down to a science. We don't just optimize your campaigns, we build the best accounts you've ever seen.

Understanding Your Business

We understand your goals, ideal customer, competitive landscape, and the ins and outs of your business. Together, we come up with the best solutions to achieve those goals.

The Setup

Our setup is the refinement of large agency best practices and in-house experience to deliver the ideal combination in a personalized way.

Our Communication

We're not just an agency; we're an extension of your marketing team. We have a full transparency, no B.S. approach to help you understand the full scope of our process.


Our approach to search marketing is a never-ending optimization process. We work tirelessly seeking opportunities for improvement and growth. We do whatever it takes to drive results.

As a search marketing agency at heart, we offer enterprise level, full-service paid search and shopping management to maximize the return on your marketing dollars. We utilize our people and process to provide our clients with the best service in the industry that leads to greater loyalty and increased revenue for your business.

Many run-of-the-mill agencies operate on a "set it and forget it" model. We monitor your accounts daily, are in touch with you weekly, and are consistently pushing your business forward. We aim to provide a truly world-class service and operate as an extension of your marketing team.

We primarily manage Google Ads & Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing) but don't stop there. We evaluate your business economics to understand what you should be spending, we provide advice on your landing pages, and we provide insights to help other channels.

We're an Open Book, Every Step of the Way

You see everything we see in real time via our proprietary reporting platform, DataPulse. See organic traffic projections, all your keyword rankings, your personal team with their contact info, and more.

Anytime, anywhere.

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What makes our PPC Agency Unique

Why Hire a Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing Firm?

We live and breathe Search Marketing every single day and are on top of every trend. Google Ads & Microsoft Ads can be managed in-house and can be successful, but are you truly maximizing what you could be doing? We see that significant dollars are being left on the table in the vast majority of accounts we take over. We operate as an extension of your marketing team; you get access to multiple 10+ year veterans for less than the cost of one in-house employee with half the experience.

What does your service look like?

We manage Google Ads & Microsoft Ads top to bottom. When we first take over your account, we completely rebuild it to our best practices so it can function alongside some of our proprietary scripts & reporting tools. Once the new account is launched (typically 2-3 week turnaround), we begin daily/weekly/monthly optimizations. We're in constant contact as we work with your team to move your business forward and scale the account(s).

What do your agreements look like?

Every client starts with a month to month agreement with a 30-day opt out. We don't want you to stay with us because you're contractually obligated to, we want you to stay with us because you want to! The average PPC client remains with Digital Position for 3.5 years (yup), so we're not worried about locking our clients into a long-term deal. In other words, we retain our clients with top-notch service and growth, not lengthy contracts.

How does your reporting work?

We didn't like any of the "stock" reporting solutions out there, so we built our own! We use a proprietary software called DataPulse, built from the ground up by our team. You will be able to log into it to see your metrics in real-time. We then typically send a monthly PPC report with an analysis of the metrics, summary of projects completed the previous month, and the projects for the upcoming month. Then we hop on a monthly call to go through it and prioritize. Custom reporting options and a more frequent cadence of calls is absolutely an option.

Are you able to visit us in-person?

Yes, we're not hiding behind our keyboards! It's important to us that you get to know us personally. We have offices in both Simsbury, CT and Charlotte, NC. If you are local, we can meet more regularly to ensure your goals are being met! For those not in CT or NC, we will fly out to meet you in-person but the visits may occur less often.

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