Crossrope x Digital Position Case Study // November 2020

The Journey

Crossrope joined the Digital Position family in 2017 with some already solid digital marketing efforts in place. The goal was to elevate the brand from a strong e-commerce brand to a true authority in the space, competing with absolute giants like Target, Amazon, Rogue, and more. The focus term was simply “jump rope”, which as you can imagine is no small task to rank for.

On the SEO side, we realized the wrong page was ranking for the term “jump rope”. First, we had to work with the Crossrope team to create a new landing page and optimize it for “jump rope”. We optimized the URL, the meta data, the header tags, worked content into the page, and crosslinked the blog to the page. This wasn’t all though. We then worked with the team to roll the blog from a subdomain into a subfolder, which make a huge difference in SEO power the blog had to pass to this now optimized jump rope landing page.

On the PPC side, we had to deal with extremely high CPC’s (very competitive market) and differentiate ourselves as not just a jump rope, but a high end jump rope experience complete with a fitness app and community involvement. We tailored specific messaging to what makes Crossrope unique, launched video ads on YouTube, and maximized the exposure of shopping ads by optimizing the feed. When COVID hit, we were more than ready to capture the massive increase in demand.

The Results

Prior to COVID, we were already seeing incredible triple-digit gains in both traffic & revenue on both sides of digital marketing. We even jumped in to help offer tips on conversion optimization! When COVID hit, the business was perfectly positioned to capture the rising cost in demand as results surged to 1,000%+ growth. We helped Crossrope navigate this environment and leave no dollar on the table in what was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to establish themselves as the premier jump rope brand in the United States.

Now, Crossrope dominates every competitor in the United States and shows no signs of slowing down!


Position for "jump rope"


Growth in PPC revenue


Growth in SEO traffic


Growth in SEO revenue