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Leah and Shaina doubled organic Amazon visibility and conversions for Dooney & Bourke in 2 weeks! 🥂

Jan 1, 2024

Problem: Dooney's product listings weren't optimized for Amazon, resulting in low visibility & high CPC costs.

Leah 1

"Amazon SEO is fun because the rules are completely different from website SEO! While Google and other search engines take in signals from all over the web, Amazon largely relies on the information in your listings--making strategically optimized content more important than ever! Amazon users also expect an entirely different experience. Identifying impactful optimization opportunities that fit Amazon's best practices and user experience expectations is a fun new piece of the SEO puzzle! "

  • As a proof of concept, we started by optimizing a single product's bullet points.
  • Then we shortened bullet points to match Amazon best practices.
  • We made bullet points more "skimmable" to provide a better user experience.
  • Finally, we incorporated additional keywords to increase visibility.


171% Up Arrow
100% Up Arrow
Total Orders
17% Up Arrow
Ad Spend Reduction
11% Up Arrow

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