Feetures x Digital Position Case Study // December 2022

The Journey

Feetures’ socks are designed to be the best performance running socks in the US….we just needed to help more people know that. We needed to build top of funnel awareness. Competing with massive players and high investment in the performance sock space, we wanted to be savvy with the ad spend balancing the task of increasing brand awareness and revenue while maintaining profitability. Feetures’ main competitor spends about $10 for every $1 we do on Google ; would we be up to the task of challenging their market share to build our funnel, while still balancing immediate returns?

First, we needed to prep the foundation for growth. We overhauled the shopping campaigns, revamped the text structure for more accuracy and clarity, and updated negative search terms to make sure we only showed for the most relevant searches. Once the foundation was strong, we expanded to top of funnel growth through Youtube. This brought the account to new heights, increasing branded presence while also increasing our mid funnel conversion rates and click through rates.

The Results

We took over the account just before November 2021. Feetures saw their highest revenue ever for PPC in back to back months during November and December of that year. While we loved that result, we wanted to do even better in 2022.

The results did not disappoint! In November 2022, we nearly doubled Feetures PPC revenue y/y with a 91% increase, just nearly missing their first ever million dollar month. For every extra marketing dollar we spent in November 2022 vs November 2021, it netted the brand $3.09 in return.

Comparing year over year: we spent an extra $762,331 on PPC marketing, generating over 1.8mm in revenue more than the year prior. That means for every extra dollar spent on advertising, we generated $2.42 in revenue: that’s scaling profitably.

A big reason for the success was top of funnel expansion on Youtube. We began Youtube prospecting in April, and have maintained a 2.7x ROAS through November. On top of that, we’ve increased the YT investment by 621% y/y – not only are we spending more and reaching way more people (259% increase in impressions y/y), but we’re still achieving a mammoth ROAS in the interim.]


Increase in BF/CM PPC Revenue y/y


Increase in PPC revenue y/y


Increase in Shopify revenue y/y


Increase in organic revenue y/y