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Dec 1, 2023

Problem: FTNI struggled with getting tons of low-quality leads.

Kerry 1

"Lead Gen can be a lot more finicky than e-commerce sometimes in the aspect of backend metrics are a must. We setup offline conversions properly for them and the rest seemed to just fall into place alongside our new structure. Without offline conversion tracking properly attributing conversions, it's like shooting in the dark when making adjustments.

Three weeks ago I got on a call with them and they said "we've been getting the most quality leads we've ever received. Quality conversions have increased at least 75% from DP takeover.""

  • We switched to our own Digital Position structure.
  • We did tons of keyword research. Their previous agency only had a few keywords they were going after and they were broad.
  • We changed conversion actions to HubSpot lead qualify.
  • We made Quality Score adjustments.


Lead Quality (retaining consistent CPA)
43% Up Arrow

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