Ice Barrel x Digital Position Case Study // December 2022

The Journey

Ice Barrel came to Digital Position with a great product in an industry they knew was about to explode. They had brand guidelines, a great creative team, and influencers ready to contribute. The only problem? Their digital marketing strategy and execution needed a massive overhaul.

Digital Position worked with Ice Barrel to overhaul their entire PPC strategy. We revamped their shopping and text ads. We revamped their social account structure. We added Youtube for more prospecting. We eliminated wasted branded spend by implementing CPC limits. We repaired and enhanced broken conversion tracking.

With account hygiene cleaned up and a foundation set: Ice Barrel was ready to scale!

The Results

In April we decreased the ad spend, and doubled revenue m/m. It was their highest revenue month since holiday shopping the previous year. In May, we doubled revenue again – it was the highest revenue month ever for their company. In June, we increased revenue again nearly 30%. From April to June, we helped Ice Barrel generate more revenue than they did in the entirety of 2021.

In July, we hit a new snag – creative fatigue. We were growing and prospecting so fast that people were being shown the same ads over and over again and losing interest. To respond, we needed a new system for generating and churning new, powerful creative faster. The result: August saw a 45% increase in ROAS m/m, we set the highest revenue month ever for the company again, and we now had a new content & creative system in place to avoid creative fatigue as we continued to scale.

Macro results: over the past 6 months, we’ve scaled Ice Barrel’s revenue from ~50k/month, to ~330K+/month. We are stoked to continue along this journey and see how high we can take them!


Increase in PPC revenue YTD (and growing!)


Increase in monthly revenue since February


ROAS increase y/y


Decrease in CPA since February