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Kat scaled Leviosa's conversions on Google Ads by 150%! 💪

Feb 1, 2024

Problem: Leviosa wanted to scale their account without raising CPA. CPA slowly started getting higher as we spent more money.

Kat 1

"Leviosa and I built a great relationship where it was more than just selling motorized shades; it was about helping a small American business scale their revenue while staying profitable. They have a great product but lots of competition that we need to outperform with our non-brand search campaigns in Google Ads. I was able to push their unique selling propositions in ad copy, find the best performing keywords for the client's ideal CPA."

  • We updated ad copy to stand out from competitors.
  • We pushed non-brand campaign bids and budgets where it made sense.
  • We worked on perfecting competitor campaigns.
  • We threw P-max out the window and focused on the search basics.
  • We found the best keywords for the lowest prices.
  • All of our improvements allowed Leviosa to more than double their revenue and be able to open a 2nd shift in their Warehouse (located in North Carolina).


Spend (YOY, while maintaining same CPA)
148% Up Arrow
Conversions (YOY, while maintaining same CPA)
150% Up Arrow

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