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Alan helped 3x Marathon Sports organic traffic in just 1 year! 🏃‍♂️

Dec 1, 2023
Alan 1

"Marathon Sports put their trust in us to help grow their traffic and revenue in October 2022."

  • First, we fixed major technical issues.
  • Then we created/optimized metadata and content across category and product pages for purchase-intent keywords.
  • We perfected the site's internal linking structure.
  • We built out buyer's guides for "best" keywords that round up the top products across different categories.
  • We worked with New Media Campaigns to successfully migrate from a flat Shopify site structure to a slicker subfolder structure in WordPress.
  • We condensed unique URLs for product variants into single URLs for each product during the migration mentioned above.


Organic Sessions
206% Up Arrow
Non-Branded Clicks from Google
465% Up Arrow
Top 3 Non-Branded Keyword Rankings
517% Up Arrow

Marathon Sports grows to the max with Austen's consolidation on PMax campaigns. 🌲

Oct 1, 2023
Austen 1

"I love helping brands enact simple changes that drive long-term growth and this was one of the simplest changes I've ever made, that drove real impact not only on the Google Ads account itself, but their in-store sales."

  • For this month, consolidation of 3-4 underperforming PMax campaigns. They wanted to break it out for CO-OP spend, and once a campaign starts getting under 30-50 monthly conversions, it loses that effectiveness.
  • Last year, they had over 15-20 PMax/Shopping campaigns going at one time (in October), so we consolidated, and the performance immediately increased.
  • In a period when many clients are struggling, they are not! They're on pace to have their highest ROAS this year alongside their most revenue for the past few years, and this is with us taking branded out of the equation, which used to be at least 20% of their monthly revenue.


YOY Spend
86% Up Arrow
53% Up Arrow

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