Medcerts x Digital Position Case Study // June 2020

The Journey

In late 2018, Medcerts brought on Digital Position as a partner for SEO. At the time, Medcerts was using an outdated website platform, the website was a mess, there was no keyword targeting, and it was unclear even what the company did.

We helped the Medcerts team choose a designer & developer (reviewed proposals they had received), did in-depth keyword research, scoped out a completely new website architecture, and oversaw the entire process from old website to new. Typically when you have such a large migration like this, you can see a temporary dip in traffic. However, Medcerts moved on this migration flawlessly with all the proper redirects and targeting in place right for the launch, and traffic began to explode immediately.

We even helped mass-write landing page content for the new website as well as a bunch of new content for the blog. The website also drastically expanded as the business moved into new categories of online schooling & certifications. We assisted with this expansion and helped with the logical flow of the menu and the best user experience.

Once we were able to flesh out each program page with additional content on the new website, performance continued to skyrocket.

The Results

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Digital Position is finding new growth consistently, a model of continuous improvement. We believe it’s what makes us special. In year 1 with Medcerts, organic traffic was up 173% with an increase of 1,810% in leads. In year 2, despite lapping ourselves we’ve sustained almost the same growth with a 158% increase in organic traffic. The blog saw an increase of 1,206% in organic traffic as well.

Medcerts is now a nationally known name when it comes to job placement for military spouses.


Increase in SEO traffic year 1


Increase in SEO traffic year 2


Increase in leads


Position for "healthcare certifications"