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Minnow swims into a successful spring launch! 🏊‍♀️

Mar 1, 2024

Problem: Spring is the time of year that Minnow Swim thrives. Making sure this launch went off without an issue was top priority.

Kaylee 1

"We knew this would be massive for their business and we had a tough YoY comp to tackle. But with 4 months of optimizations and structural changes, we were ready to take on the challenge."

  • When taking over a few months before the launch, we shifted budget heavily into prospecting and non-brand efforts. We needed to spend dollars more effectively than the prior agency and focus on new customer acquisition.
  • We routinely tested through various creative, copy and landing pages.
  • We reported back winning themes, URLs and formats to the Minnow team so that when the launch came we had dialed in creative very, very well.
  • We executed the launch based on all of the wins we had seen throughout the month prior.
  • Sales skyrocketed and our new customer acquisition focus was a huge win.
  • The client averaged over 100 new customers per day and many peices sold out or had to be reordered.
  • Sales increased 46% YoY during this period.


Sales (YOY)
46% Up Arrow
Spend (YOY)
100% Up Arrow
New Customer Orders (YOY)
31% Up Arrow

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