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Old World Christmas x Digital Position Case Study // November 2020

The Journey

Old World Christmas joined forces with Digital Position in 2017. Building off a successful wholesale business, they wanted to bring their awesome ornaments direct to consumer. After flying to Spokane, WA to see their operations and Atlanta to see their pop-up store at a major conference, we knew this brand would be the next big Christmas retailer in e-commerce.

Starting with SEO, we first had to lay out an extensive strategic plan for Old World Christmas to transition from an old, completely outdated website to a new, modern Shopify store. We worked with a development partner of theirs to plan and oversee this transition along with mass-optimizations for SEO throughout the process of all of their products.

We then built a completely new PPC account structure in both search & social to align with our SEO efforts. Give the extreme seasonality of this business, it was important we hit the season just right and “primed the pump” before the season to get potential customers thinking about the brand.

We continued to generate content, overhaul the website & improve it for page speed and conversion rate, split our PPC ads to get more granular with bidding, optimize the shopping feed top to bottom, create new collections including wholesale efforts, and much more.

The Results

In the first year, Old World Christmas was a half million-dollar direct to consumer business with plenty of room to grow. By year 2, we continued our growth as we drove 100% growth Y/Y. By year 3, we’re on track for over 800% growth Y/Y, blowing the company up to become one of the top retailers of Christmas ornaments in the United States.

We now are ranking in the top 7 for “Christmas ornaments”, as we’ve jumped around between position 1 (yup!) and position 7.


Position for "Christmas ornaments"


Increase in business revenue


Increase in PPC Revenue


Increase in SEO Revenue

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