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Leah leaned into organic search and made massive improvements. 🔬

Jan 1, 2023

Problem: The client runs vet offices in a list of cities that is constantly growing so they need to gain local visibility quickly.

Leah 1

"Local SEO is special because you're connecting to a community in a specific geographic location. Its always interesting to do local keyword research and see the differences in word choice and search behavior from cities that are only a few hours apart!"

  • We built out location page content.
  • We optimized their local listings.
  • We created service pages as needed.
  • We built out a bunch of supporting blog content.
  • We went through and made tons of keyword optimizations.


Top 10 KW Rankings
1,127% Up Arrow
Top 100 KW Rankings
740% Up Arrow
Monthly Organic Traffic (Sessions)
297% Up Arrow

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