Robertson College x Digital Position Case Study // October 2022

The Journey

Robertson College came to us looking for ways to increase efficiency and ultimately set them on a path to grow. They just had 3 months of negative growth and needed a fresh perspective.

We audited the account and found many areas to improve upon, noting the structural set up of the account as needing a major overhaul. We’re talking about a massive retooling comprising over 30,000 keywords! We also found the budget set up constricting and not allocating spend properly, so we created new budgets to allow for growth and increased efficiency. We also noticed that the location targeting was allowing searches from areas that couldn’t legitimately convert, so we updated those settings which helped increase our efficiency.

The Results

Adopting those changes allowed us to push spend to converting campaigns and pull back from campaigns that weren’t hitting KPIs. We immediately became more efficient, dropping CPL by 9% month-over-month in our first month.

In the six months Robertson College has been with us we’ve dropped CPL by 44%. Not only have we increased efficiency but we’ve also increased the total number of conversions from 1,304, when we first took over the account, to 2,644 in our sixth month of management. That’s a 103% increase in total conversions!




Cost per lead

6 mo.

To see amazing results