Second Nature x Digital Position Case Study // October 2022

The Journey

Second Nature is a company that simplifies the process of changing air and water filters by auto-delivering the filters you need at the exact time they need to be replaced. E-commerce sales slowed down in 2021, and finding the growth they had experienced just a year ago was challenging. Second Nature was struggling to find the right offerings to attract new customers, and it was a challenge to find ways to grow. Due to the subscription model, Second Nature could not advertise via Google Shopping Ads, a key component of most e-commerce businesses.

We found ways to scale their online presence through non-brand keyword expansion, display ads, and YouTube video ads. With keyword expansion, we identified opportunities within the fridge filter space by going after refrigerators brands that did not have a strong presence online. A few brands actively went after customers looking for fridge filter replacements, but many did not, which was our opportunity to grow. We also repurposed top-performing ads from Second Nature’s social media accounts by reformatting and editing the ads to fit the Google Display Network and YouTube. This strategy was to act as an additional resource for prospecting along with an evergreen remarketing strategy already in place.

The Results

The results have been 6 consecutive months of of double digit growth in conversions all while maintaining the same CPA month over month. For Fridge Filters, we were able to triple the number of new subscriptions year over year all while reducing the average cost per acquisition by 15%. The additional non-brand keyword expansions allowed us to increase Branded clicks, conversions and reduce CPA.


Increase in fridge filter conversions


Decrease in fridge filter CPA


Increase in traffic to website


Increase in impressions