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Sgt Knots x Digital Position Case Study // August 2021

The Journey

Sgt. Knots came to Digital Position with no digital marketing strategy. They had amazing products, an ability to scale with distribution partners, but were unsure of how to scale digital.

Digital Position worked with Sgt. Knots to come up with a digital marketing strategy utilizing a combination of channels and funnels before the first campaign spent even a dollar. Being more of a blue-collar focused business, we defined the core audiences so we wouldn’t go into our marketing efforts blind. We also analyzed their profit margins and worked with the Sgt. Knots team to define the best KPI’s to target and formed goals off of those KPI’s. We worked through attribution, how the channels will work together, and talked about the best way to manage all marketing spend to maximize business profitability.

Before we launched, we worked with a partner to execute a website design overhaul to improve conversion rates and set the marketing strategy up for success.

Once the website refresh was complete, the strategy we agreed to employ was a “reverse lightning bolt” strategy. We scaled the account(s) in month 1, then cut for profitability in month 2. In month 3, we scaled again, with month 4 being another efficiency focus. This allowed Digital Position the freedom to test new strategies every other month while protecting the bottom line through the scaling process.

The Results

We began working with Sgt. Knots in November 2020. The marketing spend tests began execution in January 2021 once the website was refreshed. By April 2021 (3 months), we had grown the monthly business revenue by 207%.

It’s not just about managing your accounts. Many agencies can manage accounts. What separates Digital Position is our ability to deeply understand your business and get involved as a fractional CMO beyond just managing bids and keywords.


Increase in revenue


Increase in monthly orders


Marketing channels utilized


Months for results

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