Sunski x Digital Position Case Study // September 2019

The Journey

Sunski joined the Digital Position family in 2019 on SEO but loved our services so much they joined us on the PPC side as well in early 2020. This has been a really fun success story because the team at Sunski are such great people; this is a company that dropped everything in April 2020 to begin manufacturing PPE for healthcare workers during the height of COVID.

Right from the beginning with Sunski they were on board with a variety of our strategies. We began proposing new content, beefed up their “about” page and information on the company’s background, improved URL structure, helped oversee the launch of new products, and improved targeting sitewide.

Once PPC entered the fold, we were able to completely reimagine their goals and illustrate through data a better way to manage PPC ads toward business profitability instead of ROAS. Due to a fear of branded vs. non-branded spend, we were able to split campaigns including using our Google reps to utilize features that are not publicly known to ensure we could prove the real ROAS on non-branded traffic. We did this and were able to scale right away.

This led to an explosion of PPC growth which then led to Sunski asking if we could manage their Amazon ads too!

The Results

In the first year of SEO, non-branded SEO traffic is already up 346%. In the first 7 months of PPC management, we’ve averaged a revenue growth rate of 176%. Prior to our arrival, no non-branded PPC spend was running, so this has been all brand new customer acquisition.

Sunski has been an amazing partner and we will continue to crush it for them for years to come!


Increase in SEO non-branded traffic


Increase in PPC revenue


Increase in SEO traffic to categories


Position for "clear frame sunglasses"