Uqora x Digital Position Case Study // November 2020

The Journey

Uqora came to Digital Position with a variety of problems, the first being their PPC account had many disapproved ads for health-related content. This meant we needed to understand the policies in-depth and form a strategy to help them gain exposure without getting blocked by Google.

Tracking had also broken on numerous occasions, making data analysis difficult. On top of this, website changes were extremely difficult as well due to issues with their Shopify configuration.

Nevertheless, we executed a full-service Paid Search strategy. We completely removed their old account and replaced it with our new, modern structure. We set them up in our real-time reporting dashboard so they can see all their results whenever they liked. This was crucial because our plan was to scale growth aggressively, very quickly.

We then ran tests on branded campaigns, on which ad copy would cause disapprovals and not, on which extensions performed the best, on which bidding methods performed best, on the differences in geolocation performance, and even segmented down to the income level by ZIP code. We added tons of audiences and fleshed out our targeting top to bottom.

The Results

Uqora started the year down 36% Y/Y in conversions. By September, we had the account up 4,229% in conversions on 2,244% more spend. We accomplished this with “only” a 1,466% in clicks, showing we aren't just driving more traffic, we have been driving the right traffic which is key.

Uqora continues to explode and should continue to see amazing growth in 2021, especially now that we've just begun our SEO service with them!


Increase in PPC spend


Increase in PPC traffic


Increase in PPC revenue


Increase in conversion rate