UVSkinz x Digital Position Case Study // October 2020

The Journey

UVSkinz came to Digital Position looking for a rescue in November 2019. Right before Black Friday / Cyber Monday, the PPC agency they were working with threatened to not put up their holiday ads unless UVSkinz entered a long-term arrangement with them. This is one of the scariest, most unethical agency practices we’ve encountered in our history of growing Digital Position.

On Thanksgiving day eve, Roger (our CEO) jumped on a call with the CEO of UVSkinz and assured them everything would be alright and that we would figure it out. On Thanksgiving night, multiple Digital Position employees jumped in to help get the holiday ads live and get the account current and helped UVSkinz kick the old agency out of the account to prevent any malicious activity.

This incredible story doesn’t stop here.

We then found out that the old agency was working with UVSkinz’ #1 competitor who had a much larger budget (at the time) than UVSkinz. Immediately after termination, the other agency began ramping up an extremely aggressive attack on the UVSkinz brand, driving up CPC’s to unfathomable levels to defend the brand (they were bidding $30+ per click!).

After a very tumultuous time of brand defense, COVID hit and hurt UVSkinz even more. We kept the faith that this attack MUST end because there was NO way this competitor was profitable doing what they were doing and we knew we had the better strategy seeing their old account.

Here comes the happy ending!

The Results

Sure enough, the attack ended as predicted and our strategies were too much for the competitor to defeat us. The account exploded in the most fantastic way with triple-digit growth for 7 months straight, a 192 percentage point swing in 2 months post-COVID.

We also pivoted the business once we realized Neck Gaiters were being used as face masks, and this helped us capitalize on this trend too! For the year, after being down double digits in the first quarter, we’re already over 121% growth on the year in non-branded and were able to capitalize on the season that mattered most to UVSkinz – the summer!

While no agency is perfect, one thing is for sure – we will do everything in our power to always do the right thing and never let you down.


Percentage point swing in revenue


Increase in shopping revenue


Increase in PPC conversions


Increase in non-branded PPC revenue