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Leah drove organic conversions from Pinterest! 🚦

Nov 1, 2023

Problem: Viesso's presence on Pinterest was not optimized for organic search.

Leah 1

"Pinterest is really cool because its a social media platform that people use like a search engine. While Viesso had products on Pinterest, they weren't optimized to appear in Pinterest's search results. By optimizing for Pinterest search, Viesso's products are now showing in 'Shop the Look' and 'Search similar' results for other people's Pins in addition to Viesso's own. We were able to double revenue and traffic from Pinterest without running ANY Pinterest ads or creating any new Pins! Its awesome to see how a little SEO work can have a huge payoff for Organic Search, regardless of where the searches are taking place!"

  • We first optimized the product feed.
  • Then, we tagged products to pins.
  • Easy as that.


+218% Up Arrow
Page Visits
+12% Up Arrow
Avg Daily Impressions from Other Pins
+88% Up Arrow

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