Vincero x Digital Position Case Study // October 2022

The Journey

Vincero Collective came to us for help with their Google Ads account in April 2021 after trying multiple agencies and even running it in-house but was looking for ways to scale and optimize what they had already. With that in mind, we quickly worked on an audit and found that most of their spending was heavily focused on a few keywords and standard shopping campaigns. This strategy works well for maintaining a strong ROAS but is hard to scale over time.

Once we started on the account build, our entire goal was to maximize their keyword coverage, find new keywords that worked, transition to smart shopping to give Google’s algorithm a bit more control, and scale the account as much as possible.

In less than a month after signing the contract, we had conducted extensive keyword research, rebuilt and optimized their shopping feed, and completely built a new structure that was ready to perform from launch onward.

The Results

Immediately, Vincero Collective saw amazing results. Non-branded text AND shopping both doubled in spend and revenue, all while seeing over 90 new keywords get conversions, alongside a 10% increase in ROAS.

Not only that, but we were also able to continue the success throughout all of 2021 and even into 2022 as times have gotten harder. Vincero Collective has been one of our greatest partners and we continue to work with them to launch new product lines and help maintain profitability even as we enter a recession.


Increase in non-brand revenue Y/Y


Increase in non-brand ROAS Y/Y


Keywords with conversions