WeSellMats x Digital Position Case Study // December 2020

The Journey

WeSellMats originally contacted Digital Position at the end of 2019 after being completely burnt by a previous PPC agency. The previous agency spent over $10,000 for virtually NO revenue, bidding on only 1 keyword and not making a single change to the account for 3 months. A true neglectful, nightmare scenario for a business that doesn’t know how to check in on their PPC agency.

We originally planned to start with WeSellMats in June, but when COVID hit we checked in and started earlier together. Prior to Digital Position’s arrival, Amazon represented roughly 95% of WeSellMats’ revenue, making them heavily reliant on the e-commerce giant. We set out to completely flip the script and show them that they were missing out big time.

The CEO’s famous words to Digital Position when we told him he had an enormous opportunity was “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Talk about throwing fuel on the fire!

We overhauled almost everything. We helped redesign the website, we overhauled the architecture, we worked with their developers on new cart features, we built a completely new PPC account and threw out the old one, we came up with 50+ new collections pages to better target SEO keywords, we added tons of new content, we rolled the blog from a subdomain into a subfolder, and so much more. In short, we went “all out”.

The Results

To start the year, WeSellMats was down 6% in organic traffic. In 2 months of working with Digital Position, they were up 347% in traffic and 237% in revenue. Within 3 months we were ranking #1 for “gymnastics mats” which has 27,100 monthly searches! On the PPC side, we completely exploded their e-commerce store with a 3,273% increase in PPC revenue on 1,170% more spend, which is a 165% increase in ROAS.

That’s right, we IMPROVED the profitability while also driving 3,000%+ growth in PPC.

We launched a never before used paid social channel and pushed a half of a million dollars in Paid Social revenue in the first 8 months. In short, we completely transformed their business. WeSellMats has had to order tons of emergency inventory to prepare for this holiday, they’ve had to hire many new people, they had to acquire more warehouse space, the owners are working nights & weekends, it’s been an amazing turn of events.

WeSellMats continues to have a massive opportunity for growth in 2021, and we can’t wait to cross the 50% threshold for revenue being driven on the website instead of all Amazon!


Position for "gymnastics mats"


Increase in PPC revenue


Increase in SEO revenue


Increase in ROAS