Wyndham Capital x Digital Position Case Study // November 2020

The Journey

Wyndham Capital Mortgage joined the Digital Position family in the beginning of 2019. The goal was to help Wyndham diversify their leads from aggregators and improve performance in digital, which was largely a failing channel.

Without a digital marketing department, we originally struggled to get the proper access needed to be able to effectively evaluate & improve our paid channels and make changes to the website to improve SEO. We always try to go above and beyond with every client, so in this instance we referred a friend of our network to work at Wyndham and help them form a digital marketing team.

Since then, the company has absolutely exploded, especially considering that interest rates are at an all time low in this COVID environment. We’ve successfully tied all offline data to the platforms, helped improve their internal contact flows, mocked up new landing pages, added tons of new content for SEO, improved targeting, refreshed old blog posts, made intros to other agencies to help take them to the next level in services we don’t offer, and so much more.

Wyndham’s goal has been to be on the level of the “big boys” (Bankrate, Lending Tree, etc.). We’re well on our way.

The Results

Organic traffic has been skyrocketing, up 126%. PPC spend has been up 334%, which conversions (leads) up 365%. We’ve cut the cost per lock into 1/3 of what it was previously, and completely overhauled reporting with custom weekly reports that go in depth about the impacts our tests & projects are having.

Wyndham is on it’s way to becoming a powerhouse in the mortgage world, look out!


Increase in PPC spend


Increase in PPC conversions


Increase in SEO traffic


Cost per lock