Utilizing Social Media to Improve Customer Service


The role of social media for businesses has changed tremendously over the last few years. What was once a “nice to have” is now an important part of a brand’s holistic digital marketing plan, capable of driving revenue and so much more.


Did you know that 1 in 3 social media users prefer using social media to resolve customer care issues as opposed to telephone or email? As we continue to embrace technology as time-crunched consumers, it’s important that brands take advantage of the customer service benefits social media stands to provide. Here are 2 ways brands can use social media to assist with customer service for their consumers in the digital space.


    1. The 24/7 Help Desk. By monitoring social media on a regular basis and responding in a timely manner, customer service teams can help customers when they express an issue with their product or service. Helping a customer troubleshoot a simple issue can prevent a viral meltdown later. Facebook displays a Response Rate on Facebook Business pages which tells social users how quickly they can expect a brand to respond to their inquiries. Keeping this high is a major trust booster for the brand-customer relationship.
    2. Real-Time Damage Control. Sometimes, a customer might not utilize social media until they’ve exhausted other options for customer service which may have left them with a bad sentiment for the brand. This is when negative rants about a brand on Twitter for instance, can happen. While social media welcomes the expression of thoughts, sometimes it’s best to guide users to DM (direct messages) for private/ 1-on-1 correspondence to resolve issues.


It’s very important to know which social media posts should be resolved in public or private. However, it’s strongly suggested that the process starts publicly to show other customers that the brand is working to help their customers. Consider these two things during the next audit of your brand’s social media customer care plan.

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Shatara Geter

Article by Shatara Geter

Shatara joined Digital Position in 2018 to lead the Paid Social arm of the business. She brings a vast knowledge of Paid Social experience working with a wide variety of clients such as FedEx, Lowe's Home Improvement & more.

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