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PPC ROI Calculator

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Are your PPC efforts profitable or not? Use this simple calculator below to find out! Input your metrics in the top four fields and your PPC profit metrics will be displayed below in real time.






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How to Use

Cost:  Enter in your cost of PPC advertising, as reported directly from your PPC interface.

Conversions:  Enter in the amount of conversions you received as reported directly from your PPC interface.

AOV / LTV:  For retail-based businesses, enter in the AOV as reported directly from your PPC interface. For lead-based businesses, enter in the Lifetime Value of a conversion for you.

Margin:  Enter in your overall business gross profit margin percentage.

How to Interpret the Results

Your Profit:  Your profit will tell you your estimated profit dollars you received from your PPC platform.

Your ROI Goal:  Your ROI goal will be the ROI that you need in order to break even on advertising spend. Give this to your managing agency or in-house PPC manager as a minimum. As an example, if your ROI Goal is 200%, this means you need $2 for every $1 spent on advertising back in revenue to break even.

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