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Jordan Lagan

Jordan Lagan

Development Supervisor
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Jordan usually keeps his head down working on code, avoiding meetings and listening to dubstep at full blast, but from time to time he has been convinced to write a blog post or two. He works as a developer at Digital Position and keeps busy improving his skills as a coder through blood, sweat, tears and finger cramps.

He attended an online coding bootcamp called Bloc.io and since graduating has put his ability to use creating scripts and apps to support the marketing efforts of the clients he serves. He has been developing enterprise level apps in a professional capacity since 2019, and architecting solutions for client websites since 2018.

Jordan firmly believes in the adage, 'The best developers are the laziest ones'. If you had to do a task once, you'll have to do it again in the future, so you might as well write a script to do it! His goal is to automate everything he does on a daily basis so that he'll have more time to practice Bean Battles and hopefully beat Roger one day.

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