GA4 vs UA: 5 Key Differences

It’s no secret that Google contains the lion’s share of the search engine market. If you aren’t on Google, you just aren’t relevant. As a brand or marketer, you’ve been eagerly (or anxiously) awaiting the sunsetting of UA in favor of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Whether you consider this good news or not, buckle up, […]


4 Great Reasons to Bid on Branded Terms

TL;DR Should I bid on my own brand name? Yes, you should, because it’s the easiest entryway into PPC, is a low-cost play for most brands, and allows you to control your brand messaging while ensuring your competitors don’t hijack your brand for theirs. When it comes to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, one question […]


How to Manage a Digital Marketing Agency

Whether you’re looking to hire an advertising agency or you’re having trouble managing your existing one, you don’t want to be stuck in a scenario where you’ve got two “sides” finger-pointing as the ship burns. Sadly, this occurrence happens far too often in the marketing world because of how difficult it can be to match […]