GA4 vs UA: 5 Key Differences

It’s no secret that Google contains the lion’s share of the search engine market. If you aren’t on Google, you just aren’t relevant. As a brand or marketer, you’ve been eagerly (or anxiously) awaiting the sunsetting of UA in favor of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Whether you consider this good news or not, buckle up, […]

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Why Do I Need an SEO Agency in 2023

Creating and managing a marketing plan is a challenge in itself. When it comes to making sure your website is optimized and ranks highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), the work never ends. Most people using Google never go past the first page of results. An analysis of 4 million search results and 12 […]


Does SEO Still Work in a Recession?

It’s pretty clear we’re headed for a recession if we’re not already in one. If you haven’t checked out our other recent post, you should make sure you plan your business for a recession. What I’d like to focus on here is SEO though. If you’ve been working with Google long enough, you can start […]


How to Repurpose Content to Increase Traffic

Cracking your knuckles and cranking out brand-new content can be time- and resource-intensive—not to mention the creativity it takes to craft a compelling post. If you want to drive a new tide of traffic to your business’ website, there’s no need to hamstring your team’s marketing budget. Instead, your existing marketing collateral might just need […]