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Paid Social

That Earns Dollars

& Makes Sense

Paid Social That Earns Dollars & Makes Sense

There's more to social media strategy than high-engagement tweets and Facebook likes. When executed properly, paid social media advertising can help brands reach business goals resulting in everything from brand awareness to website traffic and conversions. Let Digital Position work with you to drive the targeted ad performance your brand needs to make the biggest impact in social media.

Saving Time

While Driving


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Saving Time While Driving Results

At Digital Position, your paid social media manager's job is to save your business time in the paid social media space. Roughly 73% of Americans use more than one of eight social media platforms a day. Your dedicated paid social media manager works to determine which platforms make the most sense for your business goals, and then executes a custom campaign management plan that drives the highest ROI for your budget.

Our Clients

Our Clients

We provide our clients with full paid social campaign management service, providing monthly reporting & sharing insights that translate directly into improved performance for their overall digital goals.

Community &


Community & Conversions

The first step to social media strategy for your business is setting aside dedicated internal resources to respond to customer questions on the various social platform your brand maintains a presence on. Outside of social community management, social media is a pay-to-play space for all brands regardless of size. At Digital Position, we do our due diligence to develop custom paid social strategies that keep these costs as low as possible while complementing the work your internal social community managers are already doing. While they focus on maintaining a positive brand sentiment, we work to drive paid social ad results that can really move your bottom line. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Increase sales by retargeting Facebook users who previously visited your website
  • Expand the reach of new product messaging across Twitter
  • Find new leads within LinkedIn's professional network or social media users

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