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Fractional CMO Services

PPC and SEO are the chess pieces,
the fractional CMO is the grandmaster.

Imagine entering an international chess tournament only to sub in Bobby Fischer to play for you. #wishfulthinking

Okay, in the chess world that might not fly, but in the marketing world there are no rules. Your competititors are employing the absolute best marketing strategies they can get their hands on⁠ — why aren't you?

Your fractional CMO will:

Bring 15+ years of executive digital marketing experience to your company

Develop strong marketing strategies for both the short and long term

Work to strengthen your brand to give you a powerful voice within your industry

Provide guidance to your team to make every penny of your marketing dollars count

Fractional CMO services start at $500/hr.

A fractional CMO knows the game.

Too often we see businesses with misguided strategies, poor tracking, unsustainable goals, and minimal returns. These are the results of either businesses trying to cut costs with "do it yourself" in-house marketing plans, or bad hired agencies trying to use the exact same cookie-cutter strategies against every opponent. We've seen time and time again that these plans don't win. Digital marketing is nuanced, complicated, and fast-moving, and these approaches are setting businesses up for long-term failure.

A fractional CMO is your digital marketing grandmaster. They have a deep knowledge of the game and how it's played, but even more importantly, they know how to read opponents and adapt their strategies to win. They'll give you a powerful voice in your market and keep your business headed in a profitable and sustainable direction.

The missing piece of your marketing team.

The CMO (chief marketing officer) has been an integral part of business teams for decades and decades. They are at the helm of your marketing efforts, and marketing can be the make-or-break factor in the prosperity of any business. The problem is that CMO's are expensive, and it's not always possible for businesses to have one in-house.

Thus, the fractional CMO role was born. Fractional CMO's are part-time "as-needed" CMO's who provide the most important elements of the position, without the fluff. Top-level strategies, campaigns, business advice, branding, and counter-measures are all in within the wheelhouse of the fractional CMO. The best part is, because they are not fully in-house, they become a much more affordable, effective role to have for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In other words, fractional CMO's provide the highest level of experience and knowledge in the marketing industry, but at a price tag that all businesses can afford. Win-win.

Why Digital Position?

At Digital Position, our fractional CMO services are no different from what you've come to expect from our PPC and SEO services: world-class and highly collaborative with no obligations. As an agency who looks for partners interested in pursuing aggressive growth, we are very much in touch with any market you can throw at us.

With our fractional CMO service, you'll get:


Regular check-ins with Digital Position leadership to discuss short and long term plans, goals, and obstacles.


Ditch the "grasping at straws" approach and get 15+ years of experience advising your marketing architecture.


No more flushing dollars trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Our world-class strategies get to the bottom line faster.


Experience means not only knowing your brand, but knowing your competition. With Digital Position, you'll have every base covered.


We'll audit your branding and build you a voice to be reckoned with in your industry. From small tweaks, to complete overhauls — nothing is off the table.

Book a short meet-and-greet with Digital Position leadership, on the house, and we'll talk about what we can do for your business!

Fractional CMO services start at $500/hr.

The average client works with us for 3.5 years.

Delivering Results

With Crossrope, we had to deal with extremely high CPC’s (very competitive market) and differentiate ourselves as not just a jump rope, but a high-end jump rope experience complete with a fitness app and community involvement. We tailored specific messaging to what makes Crossrope unique, launched video ads on YouTube, and maximized the exposure of shopping ads by optimizing the feed. When COVID hit, we were more than ready to capture the massive increase in demand.


Increase in overall PPC clicks


Increase in conversions


Increase in search clicks

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